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Thursday, June 01, 2017

Making Fun of WCAI and CCC.... Because Why Not?

This weekend, WCAI and CCC are holding a protest at Olympic Plaza in Calgary, Alberta (as opposed to the MEGA rally on June 24). But before then ARC would like to first recount the heroism of the people who went to Red Deer to stand up to the injustice occurring at Lindsay Thurber High School.

No, not the dickheads who showed up to protest.

These two:

Both of these Grade 11 students stood up to hateful bullies who tried to use a fight at their high school that had been appropriately dealt with at the time into a vehicle for their anti-Muslim, anti-refugee, and anti-immigrant bile. In response to the young woman, WCAI posted video of her standing up to them and twisted it into some strange victory for their side, indicating that they weren't able to keep up with her intellectually. In the case of the young man, one of the students at the school the WCAI, CCC, III%, and SoO claimed they were there to protect, WCAI supporters posted messages such as these:


My personal favorites?

Perhaps not surprising to most of us, as a 16 year old in Grade 11, he probably does live at home with his mother. Quite the brain trust we have going here.

But yes, the proponents of free speech who went to the school to protect students want to beat up one of the students because he non-violently expressed his disapproval of their message.

That is usually not a very good way to make friends or influence people.

In the meantime, both the young woman and young man were recognized by the Alberta legislature for their leadership:
Edmonton Grade 11 students get standing ovation for standing up to Red Deer protesters 
CBC News Posted: May 29, 2017 5:46 PM MT Last Updated: May 30, 2017 10:14 AM MT 
Two high school students from Red Deer were given a standing ovation at the Alberta legislature on Monday to recognize the stance they took against a group of anti-immigration protesters. 
Grade 11 students Ursella Khan and Thomas Gower stood up last week to a group of about 40 adult protesters who gathered outside Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School, after a false rumour involving Syrian refugee students began circulating on the internet. 
Both students appeared surprised Monday by the accolades they received.
Neither should be surprised, as during the event and after the two have carried themselves with grace, dignity, and a maturity that belies their age. They were the adults; those 40 who protested based on a lie were not.

And they are both more mature than this writer who decided, after all the other "serious" posts on these idiots, to treat them like the clowns they are.

Hell of a segue, eh?

Because sometimes a cheap laugh at the expense of bigots is cathartic.


Anonymous said...

Hey ARC, long time reader first time commenter. I just wanted to say that I've been following you guys since....I'm not sure, I think around 2008-9 and I'm glad to see you're still going strong despite the loss of members.

The way you people document hate groups in this country and your sense of humour, especially in this time when the right owns online humour, are both necessary. But I gotta say your demotivationals and other image macros/meme pics are bad. Like grandma Minion memes bad. I know you have less people working on material now than you used to, but please stop with the forced memes! The image macros not only don't add anything, but they're a detriment to the entire blog as I cringe every time I see you have a demotivational in an article, and I can't be the only one. Don't try and force things into the blog, do you! Your humour really shines when it's considered jabs at the stupid shit these knuckleheads do, like the "Drunk Leaders" article from the 3rd.

Take the Chapo Trap House guys as an example. They use their own brand of internet humour to subvert the right's stranglehold on internet humour. They take in internet culture and what's going on in the United States as a whole, and spit it back out in a way kinda like the Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! or MST3K mixed with a Marxist viewpoint. They don't try to be funny by forcing stale memes, instead they keep it fresh and original with occasional callbacks and the vast majority of the humour is very current.

Anyway, I hope you guys are around for a long time. I don't know of anyone else in Canada that's quite like you, but we definitely need more ARCs!

Nosferatu200 said...

Come on! The "Sieg Fail" demotivational from a few years back was hilarious!

Okay, fair points. I genuinely appreciate the constructive criticism. While I can't promise to never post lame "dad joke" memes and demotivationals in the future, I promise I'll curtail the practice. :)

Anonymous said...

Ok I agree, that one was good! I forgot about that it. I don't think you should entirely stop to be honest, I think they're good pics to share with people to get across how thick these knucklehead's skulls are. I do feel that it's been relied on a bit too much in the past six months, though.

Nosferatu200 said...

That is a totally fair observation. I admit that it's sometimes difficult to get motivated to write about the boneheads these days so I think I resorted to, as I've said elsewhere, picking the low hanging fruit. It really is a lazy approach.

In this case though I did have a motive behind the effort. WCAI and CCC absolutely HATE when they are not being taken seriously. As such I sort of like poking them a bit. Still, I think you're right that my humor isn't all that translatable to memes or demotivationals. There are some that I've created and published that I look back on months or years later where even I cringe. lol