Monday, June 26, 2017

June 25 And The WCAI: Not To Beat A Dead Horse, But....

Look, I know that ARC has spending an inordinate amount of time focused on the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam (WCAI) and their MEGA Rally in Calgary this past weekend. As a result I haven't had time to focus on other stories such as Ronny Cameron (poor, poor, snowflake) being humiliated at Toronto's Pride Parade because someone said something mean to him; got to grow a thicker skin there buddy. Or the more concerning activities of the JDL and Ontario chapter of the Canadian Combat Coalition (CCC). And then there's fact that the Guardians of Alberta have now merged with the CCC under the latter's name.

But really, covering the WCAI MEGA Rally has been somewhat of a guilty pleasure. Besides, I can't allow the principle organizers of the event, silent until now, to not have their say in how the event fared.

For example, Ryan Dean of the CCC stated that in spite of the roadblocks, the rally was actually a complete success and that somehow it was an ingenious plan to manipulate the counter-protesters.... somehow. Really, he doesn't exactly provide a great deal of detail on that part:

Take notice of the physical position of the Patriots... placed on a higher ground.
Dude, it's not like you stormed the beaches of Normandy and scaled Pointe du Hoc to take out German artillery under heavy fire. You were escorted up a flight of stairs while people made fun of you then, after you were done, entered into an air conditioned building and took a group photo. That, and the only people ARC knows to have a criminal record are your co-organizer as well as the WCAI Saskatchewan "captain".

And as for being "professional," showing up smelling of rum and being hung over from the night before sort of belies that particular claim.

Oh, and if our readers are wondering why Ryan Dean had to have the information posted for him on the CCC Facebook group, well....

.... just wait until you see someone posting in allcaps and creating memes using comic sans. By the way:

I didn't make this one, but it did make me laugh.
Joey DeLuca also eventually chimed in later, first to complain that Bill Finlay wasn't able to get into the country:

Then, to provide his take on the what happened on June 25 which was at least marginally more honest than Dean's:

First, it turns out that no one actually bothered to check out Fish Creek based on what ARC has learned and the only goose that was chased was this one:

So Joey here is essentially using the excuse that the rally WOULD have been a success, except for those meddling kids and their dog.

Not very compelling.

Finally, because they love them their live videos, Joey and the gang uploaded this to the Facebook group and despite trying to sound happy about how things went down, they look like they are phoning it in:

First, thank you for bragging about assaulting a counter-protester. Second, "antifa was acting so crazy"? Really? Hell, even your Proudboy dude-bro friends don't buy that!

Finally, Jesse goes on and on and on about how "antifa" won't stop them in a video in which they provide excuse after excuse as to why "antifa" (and the city whom they also blame) stopped them.

Also, thanks to Devon Mannix once again for showing what WCAI and your own group (all two of you) really are about in the video and in your continued use of social media:

I'll end this with a proposal for a new drinking game. Every time someone in the WCAI or affiliated groups use the term "quell" or "quelled" have a drink.

On second thought, maybe not. I would hate for any of ARC's readers to suffer from alcohol poisoning.

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