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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Your Ward News Hate Rag Update

Well, this happened today:

Because providing personal information to someone (Sears) with a history of engaging in harassment and who has close connections with neo-Nazi and their supporters can't be all THAT bad:

Yeah, however decided to release that information really is a special kind of stupid.

Prior to this, with the exception of James Sears' bravado on Twitter regarding criminal charges being brought against him by Warren and Lisa Kinsella, there wasn't a great deal of commentary from the usual suspects. However Larry McCurry eventually chimed in to offer his $0.02:

Hell, it's more likely that McCurry is worried about having to find another job.

But besides McCurry, there's an interesting character who caught ARC's attention:

On her biography, Sue MacDonald claims to have worked with the TPS for almost 30 years:

Now whether or not she was a police officer in Toronto and, if true, in what capacity, she does pull out the appeal to authority fallacy fairly frequently on her own profile and McCurry's where she also expresses some ideas that might cause one to question her objectivity when she worked for the TPS:

Well she seems like a really nice person.

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