Sunday, June 25, 2017

WCAI Anti-Muslim Hate Group June 25 Protest Information

This post will be continually updated as information comes in.

So far, all seems quite at Olympic Plaza based on a couple of posts by a Canadian Combat Coalition supporter:

Myatt and "Proudboy" Georges Massaad seem to be on their way though:

As of 12:30, only police seem to be present:

It should be noted that Coker appears to also be a supporter of the Sons of Odin. 

There is evidence that they will be arriving in substantially smaller numbers than they had claimed based on video posted to the Canadian Combat Coalition Facebook group. While I can't get a video from the site due to the settings of the group, I did get this particular screen shot which will probably be emblematic of the uplifting tone of the protest soon to take place:

At 12:47, Saskatchewan WCAI "captain" Christopher Hayes provides a bit of a tease.

At 1:00, indication that the WCAI hate group and supporters are on their way to Olympic Plaza:

Doesn't look particularly "mega" at this point, does it?

1:05, they are at Olympic Plaza. For what they billed as a family friendly festival, they aren't behaving so family friendly.

1:15: Yes Jesse, you do bravely turn your back to the counter-protesters.... though I can't help noticing the wall of police officers between you and them. Still, very, very, brave of you.... I suppose?

Fyi, Tom from Community TV out of Medicine Hat says he smelled rum on Wielenga's breath during the protest.

Steven Myatt is also live streaming the event:

Photo taken at around 1:20. Looks sort of.... not mega at all actually:

Now the videos of the speeches begin. Video will follow as soon as they are done.

1:25: Joey DeLuca and Jesse Wielenga are speaking.... poorly.

1:32: Christopher Hayes is speaking claiming that his arrest and conviction for threatening to kill Prime Minister Trudeau as evidence that they are being oppressed and free speech is being taken away. Chris, baby, you aren't helping your case.

The live video is interspersed with homophobic slurs, btw.

1:34: Brad Salzberg attacking immigrants, Muslims, refugees, LGTBQ, Sikhs, and everyone not white and calling Trudeau a traitor. By the way, the one Sikh guy who joined the WCAI protest might be feeling a bit uncomfortable right about now.

Based on reports, it looks as if 25 - 35 WCAI supporters have shown up to protest. But don't let Joey hear you don't think it is MEGA!

I thought DeLuca organized this event to show how to do an event and made fun of those who organized small rallies with only a few people showing up.

1:44: Devon Mannix going on and on about "old stock Canadians" again. He's also bitching about Bill Finlay not being allowed into Canada, refers to non-Christian religions as "barbaric" (again dude, there's a Sikh with you buddy) and that Canada is a Christian nation. Believes those opposed to multiculturalism and Islam are the silent majority who will "take their country back."

But they aren't racists....

1:55: After some thoughtful and learned banter between Jesse Wielenga and Ryan Dean in which the word "fuck" was used fewer than 4 times in 10 seconds (well done boys), Sandra Solomon speaking now. Same boilerplate garbage she's been pedaling for a while now. Engages in a lot of self-promotion at the end. I can't help noticing that only 26 people are watching the video though:

In another video by Steven Myatt, DeLuca voices his disappointment in the protest at approx 7:55 of the video, an event which he had hoped would have been so much more than it turned out to be especially after mocking similarly attended protests. However, he says the next WCAI event will be yuge!!!

2:56: Well, no updates on the WCAI Canada Facebook page for a while now since the WCAI hate group and supporters moved into the building for a group photo so I suppose the protest at City Hall is over:

Looks like 29 to 35 people.
Now the action moves to Fish Creek Park where they are having the festival portion of the MEGA Patriot Unity Festival.

Oh.... you didn't think that we didn't know where the second part of the WCAI event was taking place, did you? Ryan Dean has been most accommodating in providing the details concerning the after party.

This may be updated with information concerning THAT event later. 

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