Wednesday, June 21, 2017

WCAI: The Little Engine That Couldn't

In ARC's most recent article about the WCAI's seemingly futile efforts to get their MEGA Patriot Rally off the ground, we posted a video of Sandra Solomon and Jeff Sharpe confronting Stephen Garvey at the March For Jesus event in Calgary. Joey DeLuca of the WCAI was on the other end of the video which is why is was so poorly produced. There is however another video of the confrontation that began before DeLuca began filming in which a rather unhinged Solomon laments that Garvey, "ruined the whole event" by his actions:

In another video, snippets of which will be published in this article later featurs Joey DeLuca complaining bitterly about being betrayed while he was trying to deceive the city. You see, DeLuca admits the whole "Anti-Racism Festival" organized under the National Advancement Party of Canada label was a "front" for his anti-Muslim rally. ARC and those I'm working with already knew the Garvey event was a front, but it is nice that DeLuca so readily admitted that WCAI practice taqiyya (hey, if the Islamophobes are going to accuse Muslims of lying, or practicing "taqiyya" I might as well apply their own label when it applies so readily to the Islamophobes).

But just when everything looked so bleak, a miracle occurred and the anti-Muslim, Mega Patriot Unity Rally was back on track, albeit a day later:

His friends in the Canadian Combat Coalition and the Cultural Action Party were a little confused though about the location, believing that Olympic Park and Olympic Plaza were one in the same. Still, A for effort champs!

They eventually got the location correct, and boy oh boy, was Ryan Dean enthusiastic about promoting it!

Now, those who have stuck with this story from the start are probably wondering how it is that the WCAI, who had been denied a permit to hold their little hate festival in Olympic Plaza when they had first applied for it back in April, were now claiming to have a permit for the public space now:


Yet another cover:

The pastor with the Calgary Street Church was one of the speakers at the WCAI protest at Calgary City Hall on June 3. The group is also not unknown to the folks at City Hall either.

Tickled pink that believed that they had somehow managed to pull this off, oh ladies and gentlemen! You could cut the smug with a knife:

Well Ryan is right. I didn't have an article prepared discussing the new time and location.... probably because I, along with anti-fascists in Calgary, was working on making sure that it didn't happen.


DeLuca, Dean, and Devin Mannix are all placing the blame for the setback squarely on Mayor Nenshi. The funny thing is that, as the mayor's office has nothing to do with the issuing or denying of permits, Nenshi probably has little knowledge of the hate groups that wish to co-opt the public space to spread a particularly ugly, hateful, message. Buuttt since these groups need to feel they are more important than they are with powerful forces opposing them, and because Nenshi is a Muslim, he's a convenient scapegoat:

The missive posted by DeLuca on the WCAI Canada group page was especially nasty in the commentary:

Actually this thread became quite long so here are the remainder of the lowlights:

But god forbid WCAI be called a hate group despite all the ample evidence that supports that characterization.

In any case, DeLuca insists that despite not having a permit, THEY WILL NOT BE QUELLED!!!!:

I'm inclined to think that they will show up, though only to march. I and others will be keeping an ear to the ground to determine if they have any plans after the protest and, if they do, where.

In the meantime, it looks like the police might be keeping an eye on the leaders of the hate groups participating in this mess:

Yeah.... I wonder why the police might be keeping an eye on you Ryan?

Couldn't be posts like this, right?

Somehow, I think that the lives of Joey DeLuca, Ryan Dean, and other's associated with this event will soon become much more complicated from a legal point of view.

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