Saturday, June 17, 2017

WCAI Islamophobic "Mega" Rally May Have Been Self-Quelled

An alternative title for this article could be "Everyone I Don't Agree With Is Funded By George Soros."

In one week, the MASSIVE and GAME CHANGING rally MEGA RALLY is set to take place somewhere in Calgary, though the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam (WCAI) and Canadian Combat Coalition (CCC) who are organizing it have been rather squirrely about releasing the actual location of the venue.... though ARC and others following the pratfalls of Joey DeLuca and his merry band of stooges have known the location for at least a month.

And they are super excited because there will be live bands and a bouncy castle and really big name speakers and a pig roast and 100,000 Americans coming and none of those icky Muslims will be there to ruin their fun!

However, there does seem to be a bit of a sticky wicket, in that they are still looking for bands to play and money to actually fund the event:

Joey isn't the only one trying to get in some last minute fund raising to actually make this event work:

Stephen Garvey of the National Advancement Party of Canada has been a long time ally of DeLuca and the WCAI. He has spoken at events attended by WCAI members and supporters, including the recent protests outside a Red Deer high school; he and DeLuca carpooled from Calgary in fact. DeLuca, who in a post rejected the more mainstream Conservative Party of Canada in favor of the future political juggernaut that is the NAPC, was also very appreciative of Garvey's support when the media (and ARC) made fun of the WCAI:

DeLuca also included Garvey as one of the supporters of the June 24 MEGA RALLY!!!! (sorry, but every time I read the hyperbolic claims about this event I can't help think of monster truck rallies minus the class and dignity):

DeLuca's inclusion of the NAPC seems to be more than just a courtesy, as Garvey may have been the one to secure a venue where the event was to take place:

Yeah, they tried to claim that this was an anti-racism event.


In any case, even if the June 24 event turns out to be a disaster, at least the strong, unshakable, bond that has developed between DeLuca and Garvey will remain.


Oh oh....

This doesn't bode well.

So what exactly cause this all to blow up?

Right. Just so the readers understand, the Foundation for Democratic Advancement is a front group (and I use the term "group" loosely) for Garvey's NACP, a fact that is known to all involved in this dumpster fire.

And because they are idiots, here is the private conversation Ryan Dean decided to post online:

Garvey himself has responded in a series of messages, some of which will be posted here:

Okay, before I continue I have to stop and call b.s. Garvey claiming to be opposed to racism is a patently ridiculous when he posts comments like this only days before:

Yeah, Stephen is the second coming of Viola Desmond alright.

Anyways, Garvey comments on the controversy that has resulted in his getting on the WCAI and CCC shit list. At times Ryan Dean chimes in adding thoughtful and nuanced commentary:

The fallout has been pretty swift. The Alberta III% militia recently featured in a Vice article has decided that they will take a pass on providing security for whatever takes place on June 24:

Lynn Redden for example has chimed in:

And at least one member of the Storm Alliance has decided to enter the fray on the side of Garvey:

So given that a leader in the Storm Alliance has criticized WCAI and CCC, it is perhaps inevitable that DeLuca and Ryan will begin attacking that group as well.

I also expect that this isn't over and that the fight will continue to spill over into other groups.

In the meantime, Garvey seems intent on holding his event on June 24 in the same location....

.... and DeLuca is just angry and confused, though I don't honestly think it takes much to confuse him:

You know, it's funny. Before all of this I was planning on posting a series of screenshots detailing ANOTHER fight that is ongoing. I'll still do that though there will be no commentary (really, none is needed) but if I may, might I suggest to DeLuca and Dean (who I know are avid readers) that in all the fights they engage in, the common denominators are always DeLuca and Dean.

Maybe you guys are the assholes?

I mean, sure, you're all assholes, but maybe you two (and Wielenga and Mannix of course) are the biggest assholes of the bunch?

Just a thought.

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