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Saturday, June 10, 2017

More Shade Thrown on Sandra Solomon: Greg Renouf

Sandra Solomon is currently continuing her tour of western Canada soliciting money warning everyone of the nonexistent imminent  threat of anti-Muslim crackpots doing something stupid sharia law being imposed on Canadians which, of course, means a dystopian society where bacon is banned and that everyone in the country is required to listen to Yusef Islam:

Dear god.... the horror.

The horror.

But while she still has her supporters in the JDL and WCAI, the shine on Solomon is starting to wear off in Ontario where people know her best.

We can add another individual to the list of Solomon's detractors.

Our readers will know the name Greg Renouf who first became infamous for his involvement in the Occupy Movement, first in Vancouver and, after he was punted for being a dick, Toronto where he was also very quickly booted. He then decided to throw his lot in with Ezra Levant to attack left-wing, progressive, and socialist movements in the country. He has frequently been seen at the anti-Muslim protests at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto attempting to agitate.

Long story short, he's not a fan of Solomon:

Pretty clearly Solomon is becoming a rather polarizing figure.

But at least she still has the support of the classy mofos in the WCAI:

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