Sunday, June 25, 2017

WCAI Anti-Muslim Hate Group June 25 Pretty Much Quelled

So it has been a few hours since the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam (WCAI) which is primarily (though not necessarily exclusively) an anti-Muslim hate group held their MEGA Rally at Calgary City Hall. The media did cover the event, something that DeLuca had hoped would happen because then they, "couldn't be ignored":
But as all these stories, including the following from CTV News Calgary, show, it is how insignificant the WCAI really is:
A Sunday afternoon gathering of roughly 30 members and supporters of a group with an anti-Muslim stance was met by more than 100 vocal opponents during the event in the plaza outside the Calgary municipal building.
To put this into further perspective, there were as many police officers separating the WCAI members and their supporters from the anti-fascist and other counter-protesters.

That, ladies and gentlemen, has to be considered a failure considering Joey DeLuca promised an event that would change the way Canada sees anti-Muslim protests. He promised live bands, international guest speakers, food, children's entertainment, a dancing pig mascot, and most importantly hundreds, if not thousands, of supporters many of whom were to have traveled to Canada from the United States.

Aside from Bill Finlay who was arrested upon landing and sent back to Florida within hours, it doesn't look like many (if any) Americans traveled north of the border to support the WCAI protest.

That's got to sting,

At this point the main organizers and spokespeople -- Joe DeLuca, Jesse Wielenga, and Ryan Dean -- have been silent. However our friends from the Cultural Action Party have commented on how wildly successful the protest was:

Yes, the Cultural Action Party did indeed come in full force.... all two of them.

Dude, I know that you're trying to polish a turd, but this really isn't helping.

Even an old Aryan Guard/Blood & Honour supporter who attended pretty much all of the "White Pride" marches organized by Kyle McKee and co. wasn't at all impressed:

"Alleged event."


Considering DeLuca has spent much of the last three months hyping June 24 25 by making fun of the efforts of other groups who could only manage 20 to 30 people, this has to sting:

Yeah, we're all laughing at you Joey.

I'll leave you with Tom of Community TV (check out his YouTube channel) who gave ARC permission to post his take on the event:


Tom has uploaded a full length video detailing the events of the day:

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