Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More Neo-Nazi Graffiti in Calgary: Targets City Council Candidate

We have a project for our readers in Calgary:
Calgary civic candidate reports neo-Nazi graffiti 
CALGARY — A candidate for Calgary’s city council says his neighbourhood has been hit with vandalism displaying neo-Nazi symbols. 
Ward 11 candidate James Maxim said his black SUV was marked with a swastika overnight on Wednesday. Election decals on the vehicle were also defaced, he added. 
His next-door neighbour’s beige-coloured SUV was marked with swastikas, crude drawings and inappropriate language, he said. 
"It’s offensive," Maxim said on Sunday. 
His neighbour has reported the vandalism to police, Maxim added. 
The candidate said it isn’t clear whether the graffiti was targeted or random. He called the vandalism "acts of stupidity." 
Calgary Herald
We imagine that it might be the usual suspects, but it really doesn't fit the m/o of the Aryan Guard or W.E.B., who tend to target victims they perceive as weaker and more vulnerable than they are, on the surface (Mr. Maxim is a former oil and gas consultant who has run federally for the Liberal Party in the past).

We're asking if our readers might be able to shed some further light on this act of vandalism

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Anonymous said...

Maybe He is related to Robert Maxim who happens to live with Kyle McKee.