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Saturday, October 23, 2010

"I'm High on Hate": The Mayoral Campaigns of Paulie and Winnicki Winding Down

We haven't written about the sec. 13 case for a while, but the "National Post" ran an article today which stated that the government has withdrawn from the case. Later in the article, mention is made of Paulie and his mayoral campaign in Mississauga:

Paul Fromm, an anti-immigration campaigner who is running for mayor of Mississauga, Ont., indicated his Canadian Association for Free Expression will comment on "the issue of fundamental and unfettered freedom of expression afforded to all individuals in Canada, and in particular, its focus will be narrowed to the right of an individual to free discourse on the Internet."

The day after this week's hearing, Mr. Fromm gave a public lecture to two dozen people about his mayoral campaign, filled with racist and homophobic slurs. He said he has found the local train stations to be "like flippin' Calcutta" and Mississauga itself has been "paved over with ticky tacky houses that are mostly filled with East Indians."

His campaign slogan, borrowed with no apparent irony from the Barbra Streisand-Robert Redford movie, is "The Way We Were," meaning white, he said. He said his primary goal is to move public opinion against immigration.

"I wake up in the morning and I feel great. I'm high on hate," he said, in a conference room at a hotel near Toronto's airport, with white supremacist and Holocaust denial literature on display.

We're not surprised Paulie would be caught with his pants down (so to speak; please try not to picture him with his pants actually down). Paulie has continued to speak at a variety of racist functions, including a recent speech to the Blood & Honour crew in the United States as well as the Council of Conservative Citizens:

All this isn't sitting well with people who oppose sec. 13, but are growing increasingly concerned that Paulie's shameless self-promotion is hurting their efforts:

Over in London, Ontario, Tomasz Winnicki continues his efforts, though in some ways he appears slightly more realistic about his chances of winning based on a note to his potential supporters on his website:

Do not worry about not winning or the temporary disappointment of voting for a candidate you know will not win. What is important are the tasks and work we undertake after the election in order to stop the civilization wreckers, the so-called 'liberals' and 'conservatives' who were wrecking our economy and social structure for decades.

Right. Because a balding, single man living with his parents is just the person who will turn the whole system around.

Recently, Winnicki was pictured standing proudly in front of one of his campaign signs:

Our first thought, somewhat snarky, is whether Winnicki has ever actually talked to a girl before. Our second thought was that we find it amusing that a man with such a low opinion of women would feature one on his campaign sign. Good enough to be eye candy, not good enough as a conversationalist, we guess.

Well, sadly, someone may have taken it upon him or herself to remove the signs or knock them over:

Winnicki posted an email he received from someone purporting to have committed that dastardly deed:

Okay, so it looks like "Caylen" has Winnicki pretty much pegged.

We COULD do what the boneheads do whenever White Supremacist and Nazi graffiti finds its way onto synagogues, community centers, and graveyards; claim that it was actually done by themselves to garner greater publicity and sympathy. But we'll give Winnicki the benefit of the doubt here.

We in ARC don't endorse the damaging and theft of campaign signs. In fact, especially in Winnicki's case, we really, really want those signs all over the place.

What better reminder of the kind of person Winnicki is and why people should not take him seriously than seeing this on your way to work in the morning:

We mean, who could really take Winnicki seriously after seeing this?

On Monday, the elections in Missisuagua, London and Toronto (we haven't forgotten about you, Don Andrews) will take place. We're currently taking bets within ARC on how many votes each candidate receives:

Fromm: The high number is currently at around 650 votes, while the low is 120.
Winnicki: We're looking at between 35 and 110 votes.
Andrews: Since Toronto is a wee bit larger than Mississauga and London, the high number in our pool is 3,500. The low is 330. Most of us think the high number will be way, way off.

It'll be interesting to see the results.


Anonymous said...

"High on Hate". This shit is too hilarious; you just can't make it up.

Seeing as Hate is Paulie's crack, and he's a lifer, I really don't see him going through withdrawal any time soon. Oh well, the laughs continue.

Anonymous said...

I thought the picture on Winnicki's election sign looked oddly like the cover of a cheap fantasy novel, so I did a search for it on TinEye. It's actually from a tape cassette from 1995 Called "Call of the Blood." Here's the lyrics sheet: