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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tomasz Winnicki Is Quite a Catch

As hard as it might be for our readers to believe, Tom Winnicki, a balding man in his mid 30s who last time we checked still lived with his parents, is single.

And he's such a charmer too! Hey, this is your chance ladies! Don't let this opportunity pass you by!

Perhaps Tom is taking George Costanza's advice on how to meet women?


Anonymous said...

What? This is stupid... lol

Anonymous said...

Leave it to an idiot to blame feminism for the tribulations of a single mother struggling to make ends meet. Because you know, it's not like feminists have fought to raise wages and living conditions for working class women, or to increase mothers' access to support systems like universal daycare, healthcare and child support. No, if single mothers everywhere would just bag themselves a man (any man - no matter if he's abusive, a horrible father, you don't love him or he's an unattractive bigot who lives with his parents) terrible problems like this wouldn't exist!

It's like racists who blame prejudice towards mixed-race children on race mixing.

And I'd bet anything that he thinks he's single because of feminism...

Anonymous said...