Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More on the Aryan Guard Outreach to Anti-racists

One of the individuals who read our article about McKee, Marleau and "Maxim"offering this website, the ARA and other anti-racist groups information about the woman who fingered McKee in the November bombing attempt made an interesting observation. This person noted how it's apparent that the boneheads trust the information found here on this blog, an unabashed anti-racist website that gleefully ridicules boneheads weekly, more than they do each other.

Now that certainly say something about the state of affairs within the Canadian "White Nationalist," doesn't it?

In the meantime, Marleau has continued to engage in a campaign assassination against a women he claims to have once been in love with:

In the first image, Marleau responds to someone saying that McKee should sue for being put in jail for half a year, then goes on to continue to go after the woman who accused McKee of being involved in the bombing that took place. In the second, Marleau is a pot calling the kettle black, though if anyone is an authority on looking like crap, Marleau might have a case.

But all this should be considered with the following in mind:

1. Marleau is soon to go on trial for attacking a LRC worker and a police officer and currently has a no contact order placed on him prohibiting him from associating with other boneheads:

2. Marleau, who was also originally questioned in relation to the bombing, has a bit of a weapons fetish himself:

3. Claims of innocence sort of ring hollow when one of the individuals who attempted to provide the ARA with information on the woman in question stated that people who provide information to the police should be killed and/or bombed:

With these three points in mind, why don't we take the claims of Marleau with a grain of salt.

One other thing we should mention. While the 17 year old co-accused does appear to have an alibi, McKee doesn't in spite of his claims to the contrary.

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