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Friday, June 25, 2010

Cobb Update: The "Podblanc Team" Responds

More on the curious case of Crusty the Clown. Er... we mean Craig Cobb.

Our most recent series of article discussing Cobb were as a result of an anonymous commenter who stated that Cobb had been arrested at the Vancouver Public Library. At the time we had no idea why he was arrested, though we have our guesses. A second article, which we found at another blog, stated that Cobb had reportedly been released.

We're not too happy that we can't confirm or deny the reports we've received. We're pretty proud of our abilities to dig up information when the mood really suits us, but so far we've been stymied. However, we do have the satisfaction in knowing that we have more information than even his friends and allies have.

The following comes from Cobb's Podblanc which, mercifully, is offline once again. In the email, the "Podblanc team" provides the reasons why the website is down, as well as giving voice to their concern about Cobb's whereabouts:

Dear Podblanc Member,

One of our server companies recently caved into Jewish and Israeli
pressure and decided to unequally enforce their TOS policy and deny us our
right to free speech. This comes at a particularly bad time as it is not
entirely clear whether Craig Cobb has been imprisoned for "Hate Speech"
in Canada or not. Please check in to vnnforum for updates.

Here is the server company's address:


We encourage you to send them a letter telling them that they should not
be in the censorship business, catering to the whims of domestic jewish
terrorist groups, and denying Whites their right to free speech. We also
encourage you to stop doing business with this company and to recommend
that others stop doing business with this company as well.

Check back with us in the weeks ahead and please send us a significant
donation when we are back online. Freedom is not free and we require
continuous and major support from our viewers so that we can bring you the
news, culture and information you are used to getting from us and so that
we can expand.

Your Podblanc Team

There is a chance that the "team" is nothing more than Cobb himself and the request for a "significant donation" is because he's currently unemployed, but then to assume that would make us cynical and we are not at all cynical.


Anonymous said...

I can verify that it was him spotted at the Carnegie. I can also verify that he runs pretty quick for an old guy...
I don't have any info to add on the tip about his alleged arrest though, sorry. Has anyone been able to verify whether or not Goudreau's back in jail?

Anonymous said...

Another interesting Cobb fact: it turns out that he's a diagnosed schizophrenic. We're trying to find out whether he's getting his meds or not...

Nosferatu200 said...

Anon 1: Thanks for the verification. As for Goudreau, we have to admit we haven't done a lot of work on his "file" of late. That he'd be in jail again wouldn't be a surprise, but for all intents and purposes, he's a sideshow freak who few take very seriously. We post Goudreau updates mostly for a bit of comic relief. Still, we will see what we can come up with.

Anon 2: I think it's pretty obvious that Cobb is mentally ill, but we hadn't realized there was a diagnosis. Do you know for how long this has been known?

Jay-O said...

I'm glad that their website is shut down. When will these idiot supremacists realize that hate speech isn't free speech?

Unknown said...

I'm glad that their website is shut down. When will these idiot supremacists realize that hate speech isn't free speech?

it may be hate speech but what says is correct or false? are they something he just pulls out of thin air? or are they facts, figures and statistics? sometimes the truth hurts...