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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Aryan Guard is Now Blood & Honour. Or Not?

It's been a while since we've checked up in the relationship between the racist gang formerly known as the Aryan Guard and their bastard child W.E.B.:

Mr. Reitmeier, you have the floor first:

 Hmmm, interesting. Very compelling arguments. Mr. Marleau, would you like to offer a rebuttal?

Truly, a modern day Cicero.

Believe it or not, people have actually been requesting information on the racist gang formerly known as the Aryan Guard but now going by the name Blood & Honour (hey, we couldn't believe it either). And since we so love our loyal readers, we thought that we should oblige.

We know that Volksfront Alberta is planning an event in December, one which Blood & Honour (AG) does not appear to be welcome to. So now they are planning their own evening of drinking until they throw up, random fights, and statutory rape (allegedly):

A night of lowered inhibitions? Because nothing screams "respectable" like promoting the prospect of a drunken orgy in which some poor girl may wake up after passing out under this:

Yeah, that's right. Picture THAT for a moment.

For a group trying to improve it's image, they're really doing a piss poor job. Might we suggest an image consultant? We certainly aren't alone in thinking this:

Here's where it sort of gets interesting though. Perhaps because of the poor image that the Aryan Guard had created for itself, they're now claiming that the Blood & Honour that took it's place is a completely different animal; different membership, structure, and leadership:

Oh, Jessie. You're so cute when you're fibbing!

Here's where John comes in to try and clarify things and, in his usual, clumsy, inarticulate way, makes things worse:

Makes sense, right? Not if you listen to the steel trap logic of John Marleau:

So who were, at the end, the two most visible members of the Aryan Guard? Kyle McKee and John Marleau. And who are the two most visible members of the new Blood & Honour? Again, Kyle McKee and John Marleau.

We're sure that there are new members in Blood & Honour who were not members of the Aryan Guard. Membership in groups like these are pretty transitory outside the core members. That certainly doesn't mean that the two entities are completely different. It is also a fact that the Aryan Guard website redirects to the Blood & Honour website too:

The final effort at damage control comes from Bill Noble:

So, why the effort to deny the obvious, that the Aryan Guard has now been re-branded as Blood & Honour?

Perhaps the links here will provide the answer:


Anonymous said...

Simply perfect.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Kyle Blood and Honour in Ontario or something?

Anonymous said...

hm B&H canada holds positive events, c18 canada holds drunk fests. at 50$ per person no less. someones got some screws loose!

Anonymous said... and affiliated websites seem to be down.

appears that it was hacked by antifa:

they posted a lot of home addresses and phone numbers. check them here:


Anonymous said...

I'm kind of glad that you guys regularly repost the tampon picture.