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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A Closer Look At Aryan Guard Values

The Aryan Guard has, on their website, a list of what they claim to be their "activist values" as well as a mission statement. We thought we would take some time to look at what they claim to value and how exactly they act out those values.

Mission Statement One: We are family orientated folk with strong family values…

When we think family values, we generally don't think that cheating on a pregnant teenage girlfriend with a married woman and taking pictures of the encounter to really constitute said family values. Then, after being called on it, trying to justify the encounter by saying you thought you and the girlfriend had broken up but were wrong and besides it's done and people shouldn't make a big deal out of it. The fact that Aryan Guard members rallied around their leader may prove his gang to be more cultish than anything, but then we might be old fashioned.

Activist Value Two: The Aryan Guard acknowledges the right of all people, religions, races and cultures to live free from fear, oppression, exploitation and foreign domination.

Really Kyle? And maybe you'd like to explain the "Kill Jews" tattoos on your legs? You say you acknowledge the right of all people to be free from fear. Explain the tats then? You can also explain this exchange on Stormfront:

June 20, 2007: I would almost be willing to bet that over half of us would be on there. I actualy had the RCMP after me last year because on my way to a party I was messing around with a video camera of mine and was recording some of my friends and herasing the odd mud on the train...

"Herasing [sic] the odd mud on the train," huh? Right. You acknowledge the right to all people to live free from fear. And we have a bridge from the mainland to P.E.I we'd like to sell you.

Mission Statement Two: We do not condone, nor promote illegal activities and we wish to achieve our success through a political "awakening" perspective…

No, you don't promote illegal activities. You just brag about them.

July 20, 2007: So good news people. a little bit of a victory today in court. last year in the beginning of July I was charged with an assault and a hate crime for something that a good friend of mine had done but he almost took an attempted murder charge for me the year before that and said nothing to the cops so I returned the favour (witch I would have done any way) and said nothing and took the charge for him. they had said that I had assaulted this black cab driver from north Africa. so one year later I have trial and had it thrown out of court today. The reason being was that they couldn't make a positive ID on the person because apparently every one there were all dressed in combat boots with white laces black flight jackets and all had shaved heads. So let this be a lesson to everyone that wonders why on earth all us skinheads dress so similarly. this is another great reason. Lol

July 4, 2007: I hope that we will run in to him again at some point we did not get a chance to exchange info because of cops and him yelling at them. I also have warrents so I felt it was a good time to leave. lol.

June 16, 2007: Well that is like here in Calgary. I have been charged with some weapons stuff and some hate crimes but have not been convicted of anything because of my tattoo's and because I am a skinhead I have been labeled a gang member. keeping in mind that in canada you are supposed to be inocent till proven guilty. Then why is it that I have a cerfu and can not assosiate with some of my friends can not posses weapons and have to report to a probation officer and because I'm a "gang member" I have to go in in person every week with no exceptions. so onec a week I loose 4 hours of work and this will have been going on for 14 months before I go to trial. So I will have lost 240 hours of work witch works out to $4296.00 I have lost for some thing I am not guilty of and will get off of and all because I am a "gang member". They were doing the same thing with the bars 2 years ago when I was in edmonton. we were not alowed in 90% of them with our gear on even if we didn't have patchs on our jackets. just because we were skinheads and "gang members". It was so stupid.

Activist Values One and Three: The Aryan Guard completely opposes violence, terrorism and criminal activity as a means to achieve our political aims. The Aryan Guard will use the tools of education, training, community activism and example to gain public support. The Aryan Guard will use political non-violent means to achieve our goals, in every case striving to educate rather than offend the communities in which we operate. We reject the simple psychology of reactionary politics as a recruitment tool.

We invite the reader to take a look at the first video where Aryan Guard members (at least eight) attack to men outside a convenience store:

Now, the pictures and videos in mind, read what Paul Fromm, a former teacher, thinks about the Aryan Guard:

There’s a new group of young folks in Calgary who call themselves “The Aryan Guard.” The name may be a little in-your-face and dramatic, but these folks have acted responsibly staging a peaceful protest against “anti-racists,” leafleting about uncontrolled immigration, and, most recently, protesting against Moslem women being allowed to vote disguised in burkas.

Fifty years ago, these young people would be praised for taking and interest and expressing their views, rather than devoting themselves to partying and hell raising.

Hell raising? You mean like the video below (be warned though, there's some pretty disgusting stuff here):

Yes Paul, these are fine young men. With judgment like that, we're glad Fromm is no longer responsible for young people and will never teach again.

So we ask the reader to consider the words of the Aryan Guard, and then consider their actions. What do you think about the final part of the mission statement:

We are an organization for all respectable whites - the young and old alike may be a part of our organization for we are all a part of the same struggle.
We're not sure any respectable human being would want anything to do with these thugs.

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liberal canadian said...

Everything about the Aryan Guard's mission Statement contradicts how they act. You have just proved this with this article.