Sunday, May 04, 2008

Marc Lemire, Ezra Levant, and Mark Steyn

Those who follow the activities of the far right in Canada are well aware of the situation involving Marc Lemire. He's the former head of the Heritage Front (the leadership he assumed after Wolfgang Droege stepped down and which Lemire promptly ran into the ground) who is challenging the validity of Canadian hate crime laws. Owing to their recent brushes with the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, Levant and Steyn have been highlighting Lemire's court challenge and have been going after Commission members and Richard Warman, the human rights lawyer who initiated a case against Lemire and who has been successful in every case that he has brought before the Tribunal.

Well, we haven't been talking too much about it here on this site, mainly because our attention has been more on street-level thuggery of groups such as the Aryan Guard in Calgary. That being said for those who are interested in the Lemire case, or in the hypocritical response of Ezra Levant, we invite the reader to visit the following blog:

Big City Liberal Strikes Back

This blog is the most comprehensive source of information when it comes to the Lemire court challenge, as well as the involvement of Levant, Steyn, Free Dominion, and other parties. Truth is the information so completely demolishes the arguments of Lemire and his cohorts that rather than reproduce the information here, it's better to simply get the news from the source.


bigcitylib said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I always knew Connie Fournier was dumber than a bag of hammers but this takes the cake

Poor Constance obviously hasn't mastered reading yet. How else can we explain the fact that the can't tell the difference between "Anti-Racist Canada" and "Anti-Racist Action"?

noonespecial200 said...

Oh, that's bloody funny! Thanks for that. We couldn't stop laughing.

Reality Bites said...

I think it's a bit cowardly to hide behind an anonymous ID and insult bags of hammers.

Connie is what bags of hammers tell their kids they'll become if they don't do their homework.