Wednesday, December 30, 2009

McKee Update #2: Court Appearance and Claims of Innocence

Looks like there's not much love lost between Kyle "Rat Face" McKee and his former friends, now members of W.E.B.:

But more to the point, McKee made his first court appearance where we learned that a special prosecutor has been assigned to the case:
Special prosecutor appointed to Aryan Guard caseUpdated: Tue Dec. 29 2009 18:36:13 
The province has appointed a special prosecutor to the trial of Kyle Robert McKee.
McKee made his first court appearance Tuesday morning. 
He is a white supremacist accused of two counts of attempted murder after an improvised explosive device was detonated in northeast Calgary earlier this month. 
The 24-year-old is a veteran member of the Aryan Guard, a controversial group that has staged a number of marches and rallies in Calgary. 
His lawyer will seek bail for his client. 
McKee will be back in court January 5. 
A special prosecutor usually deals with cases that are particularly sensitive and complex.
The revelation that a special prosecutor has been assigned the case is especially interesting and, at this point, we won't speculate as to the reasons why.

Not that he doesn't have his supporters. John Marleau has referred to McKee as a, "prisoner of war" on the Blood & Honour forums, much to the confusion of the other members of the forum:

Of course one would have to discount the evidence such as bomb making materials allegedly found in McKee's residence. Then again, if McKee didn't commit the act, then perhaps someone with more of a motive did do it. Such as the individual spurned by a woman who was targeted (along with Sturrup) with the pipe bombs.

Like, oh, we don't know, John Marleau:

For all we know the status update could be the lyrics to a bad RAC song, but we think it's quite telling about Marleau's character and perhaps knowledge concerning the attempted murder.

We're so looking forward to the trial.


Anonymous said...

Those are lyrics to a song by the band Chingford Attack.

Kurt Phillips said...

There ya go.

Anonymous said...

The song is quite popular in the Skinhead scene
Dirty White Whore - Chingford Attack

Kurt Phillips said...

And that makes the timing of Marleau's Facebook status update even more telling.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if John or Kyle have heard of the term "Mens rea", Latin for "Guilty Mind". Kyle's actions betrayed his mens rea, which coincidentally, is quite usable in court.

Anonymous said...

Silly Dustyn. Doesn't he know that being metis disqualifies him from being white power?

Anonymous said...

Is there any chance you guys will obtain video footage of the trial? I haven't ate popcorn in years, but it sure would make a good reason to break the habit!

Kurt Phillips said...

Can't imagine they'd let anyone in with a video camera. But we'll see what we can do to about getting some coverage.

Anonymous said...

Mens rea? Don't you need to have a mind in the first place before you can have a guilty mind?

Anonymous said...

"The province has appointed a special prosecutor to the trial of Kyle Robert McKee".

Why is this case so complex? Was he not seen by witnesses? This case should be straight forward. Does it not seem like the Crown has no case what-so-ever?

Is there that much lack of evindence that they need a special Crown, to gain a conviction?

I would think that the Shedden Massacre was way much more complex, yet no special Crown was brought in.

May I predict the outcome of McKee's case, or is it too early?

I say guilty on weapons/explosive charges with a good chance of the attempted murder charges getting dropped. I may be wrong, but in any case, McKee will do some sweet Federal time.

SoupCan Man said...

How could he be a POW? By bombing a female and a fellow Nationalist?
The Aryan Guard is a laughing stock. Be hilarious if they stuck him on the gang unit..... Marleau would be a jailhouse bitch.

Anonymous said...

McKee was back in court on the 5th, what's the newest scoop?