Sunday, December 06, 2009

McKee Update

So far no news about McKee to speak of, though Bill Noble's Facebook certainly sounds a bit ominous:

The Valkyries Came Down From A Bloody Sky To Take His Soul When He Died Now In Valhalla He Is On His Throne With Other Fallen Warriors, He's Not Alone

In the meantime, McKee's 17 year old accomplice, who turned 18 recently (and thus confirming for us the identity of the youth) made a court appearance earlier in the week:

Special prosecutor assigned to neo-Nazi linked bombing case

Last Updated: 1st December 2009

The alleged neo-Nazi youth charged with a potentially deadly Calgary bombing made his first court appearance yesterday.

The teen, who can’t be named, did not speak during the brief proceeding, in which duty counsel Cathy Lane-Goodfellow asked that his case be adjourned until next week.

Outside court, Lane-Goodfellow said providing there is no conflict with the youth’s adult co-accused, she expects her office will take the case.

Crown lawyer Marlo MacGregor told youth court Judge Karen Jordan that Rajbir Dhillon, from the special prosecutions office which handles gang-related matters, will be assigned to the case.

The accused, now 18, faces a half-dozen charges, including two of attempted murder in connection with an incident Nov. 21, outside a Pinridge-area apartment complex.

Two home-made bombs exploded harmlessly in a parking lot after they were discovered by occupants in a target residence and tossed away.

A 29-year-old female who lives in the apartment said she heard noises on her balcony and allegedly found Aryan Guard founder Kyle Robert McKee lighting what she believes were pipe bombs.

A police spokesman said the devices would have been deadly had they not been thrown into the parking lot.

“The persons would have been killed had the device not been thrown from the residence,” said Staff Sgt. Keith Cain.

While the youth remains in custody, McKee is on the lam from the law, having evaded arrest in Saskatchewan last Wednesday after being pulled over by Mounties.

McKee, 24, who is wanted on Canada-wide warrants for attempted murder, was parked in a truck on a gravel road south of Regina about 2 p.m. when RCMP approached the vehicle.

He identified himself and showed his Alberta driver’s licence.

But when the Mountie returned to his vehicle to check his name, McKee and a youth with him sped away.

The youth in custody was arrested in Portage La Prairie, Man., two days earlier.


Anonymous said...

Just curious if Sonne's actual last name ends with "ini". I'm dying to know.

If this is the case, could you please post my comment as "perhaps the RCMP watched McKee flee for three days"?

If it is not the case, or if you are not able/willing to divulge such information, please disregard this comment... thanks

Kurt Phillips said...

You are correct. And if you've any more information about her and the situation, we're dying to know.

Anonymous said...

Any word on what is going on , you guys havent said much about this situation in a while.
-Toronto Sharp