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Thursday, December 03, 2009

So, What's Happening To Nazi Dad?

Remember a while back when we were discussing the epic of "Nazi Mom" and "Nazi Dad" of Winnipeg when the lost their two children after repeatedly sending the oldest daughter to elementary school with swastikas and other racist iconography drawn on her body with a Sharpie marker (when she was sent to school, that is, as her attendance was infrequent at best). Remember the efforts to get their children back -- Nazi Mom and Nazi Dad were now separated -- and Paul Fromm's indignation of the rights of these parents were being violated by the state? Remember the protest Paulie organized which drew a grand total of 3 unattractive dolts, and which Paulie himself may not have attended?

Then, there was the testimony which indicated that the racist drawings were the least of the problems. Then there was Nazi Mom who moved out east and couldn't be bothered to attend the custody hearing initially, and when she did go she was arrested for credit card fraud and then gave up her quest for her children. Remember that? And how Nazi Dad tried to claim that saying he couldn't draw racist symbols of his kids was a violation of his right to free expression?

Well, now word that Nazi Dad was arrested some timelate last month. Not yet certain of the charges, though it appears to stem from a case of impaired driving near Selkirk, Manitoba.

The "Master Race" indeed.


Anonymous said...

Well, for those around Winnipeg, it was clear that this had next to nothing to do with nazis and everything to do with losers unfortunately placing their kids in harms way. However, I'd love to see this on the front page, in the same height of font as the criticisms of CFS.

Affliction D said...

Just disgusting. Volatile human beings, i can't quite begin to express my disdain for these two fucking champions. Some people should not be aloud to breed, cos' its a fucking death sentance for their kids. I'm glad she's out of there, but they've made their childs life harder then it ever had to be. She's gonna suffer for her parents stupidity for a while to come. Thats nazi's for you, no pride, self respect, or loyalty, even to their children. So much for those 14 words hey, assholes?

Anonymous said...

What exactly is the point of being against discrimination but yet continuing to insult those you feel are not attractive?

I enjoy reading the blog but it is hard to understand the need to mock the appearance of others.

Nosferatu200 said...

Well, we're not saying they should face discrimination as a result of looking like sacks of overcooked potatoes, we're just noting that they do.

Chalk it up to our occasionally straying into the world of immature 13 year old boys. Perhaps not very becoming of us, but sometimes you need to find the humor in the things you write about.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the need to find humor when dealing with issues like this but mocking ones appearance is a strange way to advance a very good cause.

MmStrawberries said...

This has nothing... to do with nazism, and everything to do with losers.

MmSoup said...

Maybe you should throw pie at them... that'll teach 'em!

Nosferatu200 said...

@Anonymous - Fair enough. We'll endeavour to minimize such comments (and we really don't make too many of them) but no promises.

@MmStrawberries - "Loser" and "nazi" are somewhat synonymous, don't you think?

@MmSoup - No, you eat pies. Mmmmmm pies.