13 December 2009

Well! That Was Rude! Fromm Doesn't Like Visitors.

We mentioned that Paulie would be visiting Calgary today and that some friends might be interested in attending his speech today. God knows that, considering how cold it was, Paulie should be thankful for anyone who would brave the subarctic winds to listen to a windbag.

But, when they arrived, Paulie didn't seem at all interested, as evidenced by the short video that was sent to us by an anonymous benefactor:


Now, when the welcome wagon arrived, they noticed that Paulie was all alone. In the past members of the Aryan Guard and others would have been in attendance, but today, nothing. One could blame the cold, or one could consider the possibility that, "White Nationalism" is so unpalatable in the aftermath of, oh, we don't know, attempted murder, that this will all that Paulie will be able to attract to his cause in Calgary. At least for now.

We're open to the possibility that Paulie may have found another venue. If he did, and there are pictures or video, please show and share.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Paulie gets spooked by ARA Calgary and there's footage to boot on ARC! A nice treat to warm my heart on a very cold day.

Anonymous said...

He was talking to someone, as we noticed by his mundane sick voice through the door, about 20 minutes before we knocked.

We assume he was doing a telephone conference or an internet cast of some sort...

Anonymous said...

Hey y'all - why didn't you post the screen shot of Fromm's status on Facebook?

nos200 said...

Tsk.... we must learn patience, grasshopper. ;)