Monday, December 21, 2009

An Oldie But a Goodie: Steeve McGarr‏ Was Arrested

We're a little bit late to the party on this one, but when we wrote about McKee's capture in Winnipeg a friend was reminded about another bonehead who had been on the lam and who was captured in August. He had been in hiding since 2003 but was finally picked up in Quebec City.

Steeve McGarr had been trying to establish a Canadian branch of the Creativity Movement, then going by the name the World Church of the Creator (until forced to change their name as a result of a lawsuit by the REAL World Church of the Creator which didn't want to share it's name with one of the more violent hate groups in the world; former leader Matt Hale is now in prison as a result of trying to have the judge in the case murdered). McGarr registered the fake WCOTC website, which contained materials clearly in violation of section 319 and some which may very well have violated section 318.

McGarr is now claiming to have had a change of heart during the years on the run and has renounced racism. He plead guilty to the outstanding charges, was sentenced to 6 months in jail and given 3 years probation upon his release.

Bill Noble should take heed of this. The wheels of justice turn slowly, but they do turn. You think you've gotten away with continued violation of your parole (not to mention refusing to pay taxes)? You might want to keep looking over your shoulder because there won't be a day where you aren't going to be safe from arrest.

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AuntieFa said...

Just watched it on the local news, McKee is a guest of the CPS tonite.......