Saturday, December 26, 2009

Winnipeg White Pride Warriors: More Toothless Tigers

Another "group" that is trying to fill what they perceive as the void left but the implosion of the Aryan Guard is going by the name, "Winnipeg White Pride Warriors." As the name suggests, it's based in Winnipeg although the founder (who claims the group has 20 to 30 members and has been active for a few months) doesn't appear to currently live in the city:

Now, "honoryourlife" or Ryan here had made the following White Power cliche claims that no one buys anymore, if they ever did:

1. "We aren't about hatred, we're about being proud of our race."
2. "We aren't White supremacists."

You've been following this blog long enough now to know what's coming next, courtesy of Stormfront, right?

So, who is this terrifying scourge of ethnic Winnipegers?

Meet Ryan Brady, currently of Brandon Manitoba. Standing at an intimidating 5'3", Ryan also has class 1 diabetes, which means those ovens he suggest being fired up might have been used on him had he been subject to the Nazi eugenics programme.

Oh, and for someone complaining about "non-white" crime, we're curious to know why Mr. Brady was in jail, a claim he's made on another website?

But that's not all. There's another individual who now appears to be a member of the WWPW. Originally from Calgary, "Pheonix" moved to Winnipeg a few months ago to be with the love of his life. We guess. These, "loves of one's life" tend to change after a few months... or when child support payments are required:

"Pheonix" seems to want to say what his name is. We think he's a little bit shy so we decided to help him to come out of his shell:

Remember Jason Harley? Formerly of the Calgary-based Aryan Guard, Harley abandoned his child in Calgary and is now shacked up with a woman in Winnipeg. Oh, and his claims that the WWPW isn't about, "white supremacy"? Do you remember making this little video Jason?

Jason didn't always post on Stormfront as "Pheonix" either. Here's one especially interesting post made back in February 2008 and that we covered not long after:

In the interest of fairness, the Wildrose Alliance did respond to our request for clarification.

One more time, the faces of Manitoba White Pride:

Is it any wonder why their ideological brethren are embarrassed?


Anonymous said...

This made my day. I love the scene in alberta and manitoba.

Chola said...

Winnipeg White Pride Warriors... 'sounds like a Hockey team.

AuntieFa said...

you guys gotta ease up there, we spilled not one but two drinks just reading this. And just when I thought this couldnt get anymore jerry-springer-ish. I'm still waiting for Stefano DiMera to join the fray....

Anonymous said...

Chola, don't give them ideas.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anti-Racist've rekindled my faith in Canada truly being an accepting society. I usually live in one of two cities at a time (Toronto and Montreal). I moved to British Columbia last year for a job but was surprised at how much hate there was for my race (I'm an Arab, I would say I'm muslim but the drinking and the parties and...yeah I wouldn't be a good one :P). I had one of my roommates father once tell him "Why are you living with a terrorist?". I've had people ask me if I am ashamed of what I've done (what did I do?) after I told them my name or where I'm from. Anyway I just wanted to thank you. I really did lose hope after hearing about Quebecs xenophobia incident and CBC's constant acceptance of intolerance in their media (its there...believe me, not just for Arabs only).

Anyway I'm back in Montreal...the west seems to be a little too....rough for me I guess. :P

Thank you kindly. Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of losers! Do these people actually own mirrors? How can they possibly think of themselves as "superior"? Thanks so much for keeping tabs on these scum no matter how big or small they's so important the community know they are.

Anonymous said...

Wow...what a bunch of goofs.

Anonymous said...

'Winnipeg White Pride Warriors... 'sounds like a Hockey team'

Manitoba Warriors is already a gang. And, there is a highschool level hockey team in Winnipeg with Warriors as their name as well.