Saturday, April 26, 2008

White Pride? Who Do They Think They're Kidding?

On March 21, 2008, the Aryan Guard (updated as of April 26, 2008) marched through downtown Calgary under the banner of "White Pride." "White Pride" is a phrase used by racists to sound as if they are not in fact racists, but merely proud of their heritage. They complain about the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day in United States and Black History month and claim that if minorities can be proud of their heritage, then why can't they? "It's discrimination against White folks," they lament and caterwaul about the terrible injustice that they are not allowed to be proud of their heritage, ignoring the fact that days commemorating European heritage already exist, including but not limited to Saint Patrick's Day, Columbus Day, Robbie Burns Day, Thanksgiving, Oktoberfest, St. Steven's Day, Victoria Day, Polish Heritage Month, and so on and on and on. But why would racists allow facts to get in the way of their propaganda message?

So "White Pride" was the mantra of the Aryan Guard on May 21, 2008 and has been since it's inception. In fact, one Aryan Guard member was quoted on the day of the rally by a reporter from the "Calgary Herald":

"We're just proud to be white, that's all. Why can't we be proud to be white?"

The Aryan Guard posted the following on their website regarding the march, again calling their march a rally for White Pride:

The Aryan Guard and affiliates, including a few B.O.K members, the leader of the NSPC, and other supporters successfully hosted a White Pride March, for the elmination of Racial Descrimination against Whites

45+ individuals marched throughout downtown expressing their pride within their race, many carrying White Pride World Wide and Celtic Cross flags and screaming chants of white liberation.

The White Civil rights activists were met by 120+ confused, angry communist and anarchist youth individuals, who seemed to oppose our declaration of White Pride and our advocation for the elimination of racial descrimination against whites. Interestingly enough, the communist and anarchist organizations seem to be in bed with each other - regardless of the fact their political beliefs are a complete contradiction, this shows how true to their beliefs they really are. 

The founder of the Aryan Guard, Kyle McKee, later responded to a criticism leveled at the Aryan Guard on Stormfront which echoed the sentiments above:

[in response to the post on March 30, 2008 that reads, “If we don't want people to call us nazis or neo-nazis we really have to stop celebrating Hitler's birthday.”] LOL thats awsome!Do you think that is what it is gong to take? because just a little over a week ago we marched down the street with white pride flags and they seemed to think that was about white suppremisy and hate! I don't think it will make alot of diffrence if we do or don't selibrate a great mans birth! I for one am not to concerned about someone calling me names!

In August 2007, McKee was already talking about organizing a march under the banner of "White Pride":

Let's organize a Straight pride parade and a White pride parade. If they say anything then that would be discriminating against a race or sexual preference. and for any one in Calgary or some one that could find out when we have gay stuff here so we can start protesting them?

So the events of March 21, 2008 were not about hate or "suppremisy" (we assume he means "supremacy") according to McKee. If that's the case, then maybe McKee should talk to the person who was wearing the jacket in the next photo:

"White Power." The real, hidden agenda behind the march on March 21 and of every other previous protest or rally where the Aryan Guard, or any other racist group, claim to be supporting the nebulous concept of "White Pride." White Power. White Supremacy. Ethnic intimidation.

And who, exactly, was wearing this jacket with the "White Power" patch?

None other than Kyle McKee himself (click on the photograph for a larger image). You see other racist groups, at least the leadership of such groups, are smart enough to at least coverup their real views regarding racial supremacy. Such is not the case with the Aryan Guard who while complaining that they are not the white supremacists that the media and anti-racists label them, actually go around in public with overt symbols of white supremacy literally displayed on their bodies. The "White Power" patch on McKee's jacket is actually the least overt label of McKee's feelings about minorities, as he has "Kill Jews" tattooed on his shins.

In addition to the photographic evidence detailing the real views of the Aryan Guard are the actual statements by the membership of the gang. In the following video, Jason Harley eloquently expounds (we shouldn't have to say it, but we're being sarcastic) on the dangers of multiculturalism, adding at the end of his missives, "White Supremacy" followed by"White Power," proving that the Aryan Guard believe the two concepts to be inexorably linked:

Nine f-bombs in 32 seconds. Truly Jason Harley is the Clarence Darrow of this era.

The Aryan Guard and any other racist or racist group that claims to be only proud of their heritage are, simply put, liars. And they think you are too stupid to realize they're liars.

So when the Aryan Guard or any other racist movement talks about "White Pride," let them know that they're full of it.


Liberal Canadian said...

The video shown here is a prime example of why groups like the "Aryan Guard" will never succeed in accomplishing anything.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! He made a freakin' video?? Apparently, he goes on about that alot...

Looks like the fucking gay retarded purple sock is taking the win this time!

wishywashy said...

Do not call them GAY! They are simply trying to find themselves. :)

Len said...

Instead of a beerhall, the next savior of the 'white race' will emerge from a suburban basement rec-room. I'm shaking in my boots.

bot said...

I am very proud to be white, just like my girlfriend is proud to be mexican. Racism and being proud of my german roots are not the same thing.

Lune said...

Lol. Comparing people to socks, amazing.

Lexie said...

Seriously Jay Grow up and take responsibilities for the children you have.. WTF are you doing if anyone is gay its you blabbing on with gay purple socks wtf man .. your homeless have nuthing good going for you,, seriously what the hell happend to you that was so0o bad for you to be so fuking gay in the head

Anonymous said...

he's going far in life........(sarcasm)

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should do some research on the videos releaseed concerning Dan Sims. At no point did he give up his beliefs. Only distance Aryan Nations from himself because of the criminal charges he was facing. No one seems to mention that less then two months before Paster Butler died he was legal adopted by him while in Homeland Security detention.