Friday, December 18, 2009

Don't @#$% With Richard Warman: Part IV

It's been a while since we've posted anything in our, "Don't @#$% With Richard Warman" series, but we figured this one would drive his fans on Stormfront absolutely wild:

White guilty on four counts, not guilty on three 
A federal jury has found William A. White guilty on four counts and not guilty on three counts. 
The jury found White guilty of: threatening Jennifer Petsche, a Citibank employee in Kansas City, Mo.; intimidating several residents of a Virginia Beach apartment complex with the intent to prevent their testimony in a housing discrimination case; threatening Kathleen Kerr, an administrator at the University of Delaware; and threatening Richard Warman, a human rights lawyer from Canada. 
The three counts that resulted in acquittals were: threatening Petsche, the bank employee, with the intent to extort; threatening Leonard Pitts, a nationally syndicated columnist in Bowie, Md.; and threatening Charles Tyson, the former mayor of South Harrison Township, N.J. 
White faces a maximum of 40 years in prison on the four convictions. The lawyers involved are given 10 days to file post-verdict motions and to note appeals. After that, White will be sentenced.

So don't @#$% with Richard Warman.... and a bunch of other people for that matter.

And just to rub a little more salt in the wound, Melissa Guille's constitutional challenge has been rejected:

Happy holidays, everyone.


Dr.Dawg said...

Heh. Happier now. Keep up the good work.

AuntieFa said...

Fortunately the CHRT has only gone after actual haters. Our countries legislation on hate crimes have unwittingly opened a door to misuse of the legislation further on down the road. Hopefully sane heads will prevail. Richard Warman is one of those sane heads, and best wishes to him!

Anonymous said...

I read of this Bill White character. Basically, he is what I would call a "professional trouble-maker", as he stuck his nose into various issues, such as the Jenna 6 debacle and even praised the Columbine Shooters and otherwise created problems where he went. For some time, he ran a website known as Overthrowdotcom, and it became a notorious clearinghouse for various anti-semitic losers of many stripes, and he would regularily advocate violence, such as urging his readers to beat up those who waved the American flag. In addition, he would post propaganda from unreliable sources, such as Iran's state-run broadcasting center. Generally a site run by a conspirazoid who generally agitated for violence.

The main lesson that can be learned, is that by posting threats, agitating for violence or slandering people on the web one can leave oneself wide-open for legal consequences should action be taken against them, and their writings can easily be used as evidence.