Saturday, January 19, 2008

More Infighting

Thomas Trenerry was banned from Stormfront for making threats, including death threats, against other users. Trenerry, posting as 'Canadian caucasian', was engaged in a long running dispute with another user who posted as 'KillerTomato'. Trenerry accused KillerTomato of being an informant and stated as such on the forum. He also sent private messages threatening this and other users. The infraction incurred by Trenerry and issued by 'OdinPartick' resulted in this exchange:

(January 15, 2008)

Canadian caucasian - You can do what you want moderators. But reading Private messages is just wrong. This is supposed to be secure.Private 01-11-200801:46 AM01-21-200801:46 AM 0Inappropriate LanguageOdinPatrickTry to hide this Odin Patrick. I have proof. ALOT of people arent going to be happy. Go ahead and do what you like to my account. I have a speed dial and quite a few people want answers. If you dont actually have the friends to give you the info? DONT go reading peoples private messages. If you arent solid enough to recieve info from people why then do you look at our PM's? And how can you access our PM's anyways? And this isnt a delete and run message. I am more than serious.WHY ARE YOU READING OUR PM'S??

OdinPatrick - I have never read members PM's, unless they have been voluntarily forwarded to me by the sender/recipient. A little bit of advice CC, don't threaten people, and don't assume the worst about them, and you'll get further in life.

Canadian caucasian - Really? WHY then did you give me an infraction over a PM? What in the hell is going on here? Like I said before this is a website. Not the real streets. And this very much concerns me.

OdinPatrick - I gave you an infraction for being vulgar and threatening in a thread. I suggest you take heed of that warning.

Canadian caucasian - I dont take orders from you. You are only the moderator NOBODY has met. You can ban my account or try anything. And I would still know more people than you. This is not a pissing contest about who knows who! This is about Private messages and if you dont read them?
OdinPatrick - Your reading comprehension needs some work. I don't give orders to people, I make suggestions, and requests. I will ACT though based on how I believe Don Black expects of me to act. I gave you an infraction based on the posting guidelines set out by Don Black. I'm not going to play a pissing game with you... So this will be my only response to your petty attacks. Ask Paul Fromm or Don Black about my authenticity and dedication to the movement.

Canadian caucasian - I have high respect for Mr Fromm And Mr Black! They are True leaders of the Movement. And I respect what THEY say! But dont compare yourself with them After I see you on the street at a Rally I may believe you more.

OdinPatrick - Believe what you must, I act based on the guidelines set out by Don Black and speak the truth. I have never read PM's between members, unless of course the conversation has been forwarded to me by one of the 2 parties. I gave you an infraction because you threatened a member on a public thread, even though I had the discretion of banning you instead of giving a warning. You're making me regret my decision. If you see an abnormality about why the infraction(warning) was given, it could be due to vB acting goofy as it does from time to time.

Canadian caucasian - I am not going to argue any further. I have my answer. If you dont read them- Then I know who sent it. But dont try to tell people how to do things on here We dont need advice from you.

The discussion continued for a time but it appeared that the dispute had been dealt with and the thread locked. However two days later, OdinPatrick unlocked the discussion to add the following information:

OdinPatrick - I banned Canadian Caucasian for making death threats to me and to other members of Stormfront. He also made libelous claims he couldn't back up with evidence, and repeatedly violated the posting guideline set out by Don Black. Don Black put him on moderation for his childish postings, and I eventually was forced ban CC. He was probably the first person that was not a communist/solicitor/saboteur that I have ever banned. I hope he continues to follow the 14 words, and finds mental serenity.

Trenerry is one of the key players in the Aryan Guard and is the group's Lethbridge contact person. He had also been a member of Terry Tremaine's National-Socialist Party of Canada and formerly a financial supporter of Stormfront. Trenerry had cut himself off from the NSPC as part of his dispute with KillerTomato, but a posting by Trenerry's wife Theresa suggests there might be more to his departure:

ALBERTAMOM - I dont believe my husband left the NSPC because he was told to STFU (Argai-Bladefist) He left for reasons that ALOT of the more solid people on here know about. Do not talk about what you know NOTHING of. Do you truly fight for the Aryan race like him and his Comrades? Or hide behind your computer screen? Because I have never seen you at ANY rallies or get togethers.........

Even though this whole thing really boils down to a potentially violent hothead being banned from a hate website, there are still quite a few questions that are raised:

Do Stormfront moderators regularily read the private messages of the members? If the Aryan Guard claims to be non-violent, how do they justify a man like Trenerry who issues death threats against erstwhile allies as a member? What is the relationship between the Aryan Guard and Trenerry today? What is the Aryan Guard's relationship with Stormfront. How long will OdinPatrick continue to serve as moderator when he allows these disputes to become public and his authority questioned?

Finally, and maybe most importantly, what does Trenerry claim to know about Tremaine and the National-Socialist Party of Canada? Do the other Aryan Guard members feel the same way about the NSPC as Trenerry?

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