Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Rift Between Calgary's Aryan Guard and the Terry Tremaine Founded National-Socialist Party of Canada

We're currently working on gathering our sources together, but it looks like there is a growing animosity between some members of Calgary's Aryan Guard and the National-Socialist Party of Canada that was founded by discraced university instructor Terry Tremaine. One member of the A.G. appears to have renounced his NSPC membership in relationship to an ongoing dispute with another Canadian Stormfront member.

I will no longer speak on behalf of the NSPC. I am all for National Socialism but when commies start hopping on board to get info? I am out. -- Thomas Trenerry

Members of the A.G. and Tremaine have met on at least two different occasions, the last known being during September 2007 when they got together to disseminate propaganda leaflets in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Aryan Guard hits Lethbridge

UPDATED: 2007-09-17 01:24:14 MST
By CP LETHBRIDGE -- A group promoting a white-only society didn't get many takers for its message in Lethbridge.

Three members of the Aryan Guard handed out pamphlets yesterday in the southern Alberta city.

Terry Tremaine says his group would like Canada to be "as white as Japan is Japanese."

Tremaine says his group "doesn't have a problem with non-white people, as long as they stay in their own homelands."

Most people ignored them and some politely listened, but didn't agree.

One man said he found the group's message "bordered on hate literature", adding he found it very disturbing.

We'll add more information as it becomes available.

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Anonymous said...

My family originates from Europe and
I have absolutely ZERO tolerance for
any of this filth.

I still cannot believe that Calgary city
police service provided protection to
these wastes of human existance.

Therefore as of today I am promising I will take on the task of eliminating each and every one of these bottom feeders from my city.

Since the 'authorities' seem to be more interested in protecting the rights of these hate mongers than they are of upholding the constitution of this great nation of Canada, we cant rely on them to do what must be done.

By ANY means, I WILL drive these assholes back under the rock they came from. If that means putting each & every one of them under the cold earth then so beit.

Aryan assholes, today you have been put on notice. Watch your backs. I will hunt you down. I will find you where you live. I will put an
end to your antisocial bullshit however if may need to be done.

One way or the other, the population of this city will be reduced. Either by way of choice or
by way of execution.

Your days are numbered and those
numbers are few. Write your wills and settle all your earthly matters because Im coming for you and I will not stop until you all are gone.

Justice will prevail & I will be its instrument.