Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What John Marleau and Paul Fromm Think About David Lane and Africans

We realize that we run the risk of turning this blog into the Marleau and Paulie show, but they provide so much low hanging fruit from which to work with.

First, our favourite bowl full of jelly who isn't St. Nick, John Marleau.

Our readers can figure out what we think of David Lane quite easily. We consider him to be a thief and a murderer, as one of the most prominent members of the terrorist gang, the Brüder Schweigen, however Lane was a revered figure amongst White Nationalists who hung on his every word, especially his, "fourteen words." Lane's death in prison in 2007 resulted in a a minor mass hysteria amongst his fellow travelers who mourned the loss of the man. Hell, they even fought over the mortal remains, such was the desire to have at least some connection to the, "great man" of the movement.

To say anything less than glowing praise for Lane is enough to have your commitment to the White Nationalist movement seriously questioned. So it goes without saying that the Canadian Movement will also worship Lane as a martyred demi-god.

Or not.

 We're sort of in the strange situation where we actually, kinda, agree with John Marleau. David Lane WAS (he's dead John, so you have to change the modifier) a wanker. And worse. Of course we despise Lane for a very different reason than does Marleau, but we wonder if his friends are going to make that distinction?

We would like to leave our White Nationalist readers with these questions however:

1. To the members of the former Aryan Guard, now Blood & Honour, do you agree with Marleau's assessment of Lane? If you do, then what do you think of Marleau's public airing of your groups disdain for Lane? If you don't agree with him, do you think that this public rebuke of Lane will hurt your image in the eyes of other Combat18 affiliates?

2. To other White Nationalists, how do you feel about the Aryan Guard (now Blood & Honour Canada) slagging your hero?

On to other, slightly more respectable, White Nationalists.

Paul Fromm tries really, really hard to avoid using racial epithets in public. When he ran for mayor in Mississauga on an anti-immigration platform, Paulie went to great pains to claim that he wasn't singling out any particular group, but that all immigration was a concern (few bought the argument and he lost handily). Sometimes, Paulie lets the veil slip a wee bit and his real view of Canada's ethnic population:

We did a bit of a search on both Jerry Vila and the Demographic Association of Canada. It seems this new group being promoted doesn't exist outside of Jerry Vila himself, but it does conform to Paulie's efforts to provide important, even official, sounding names to groups and individuals of little actual significance, or to gloss over the ugliness behind their true beliefs (Paulie refers to himself, as do others who have done little research on the man, as an immigration reform advocate and a free speech activist):

Nothing new here, but we always enjoy the comments that are left behind when he publishes his screeds on his own Facebook profile:

Ugly? We would say so. But Paulie also sometimes gets into the act when he forgets that other people might actually read his comments, as in the case when he writes about African immigrants who have moved to Canada to work in the meat packing industry:

Primitives? Not very subtle, Paulie.

We would like to thank Paulie for a recent shout out though (see the end of his screed). Thank you for the publicity.


Anonymous said...

Nobody listens to marleau. He is a metis and has NO business talking about White people. He is a embarassment to the the movement.

Anonymous said...

Thought y'all would like to know...


Anonymous said...

The Cut Outs were fucking awesome.

john marleau said...

This is John Marleau. Please remove my name and all tags with my name from your website, please and thank you.

Kurt Phillips said...

Uhm, no.