Friday, December 17, 2010

B&H Assault Story: Questions and Response

Since we wrote about the incident during the weekend in which an 18 year female was allegedly beaten by members and associates of the former Aryan Guard, (now calling themselves Blood & Honour) we've received numerous responses from our readers. Some have claimed the incident occurred as it was recounted to us. Others have written stating while something did happen, it might not have occurred as we described it. Still some have claimed the incident never took place in the first place while others have suggested that it did happen and the girl had it coming.

Some of these claims can also be found on one of Marleau's most recent Facebook update:

 So here we have Marleau claiming the story was false, the alleged victim stating it was true, others having doubts or asking questions, and finally someone saying he was there and that the assault was, "well earned."

Now we might just be a bunch of old, conservative, fuddy duddies, but we have difficulty accepting that any assault, never mind one committed against a physically tiny teenage girl by as many as three "men," could ever be considered to be deserved, but this does bring up another issue. Some people who have written to us questioning the story have commented on the character of the alleged victim. Some have called into question her honesty and some of the poor choices this young woman has made in her young life (and yes, we know that she has been both friendly with and hostile towards boneheads, often within the same week). Even if all this is true, the fact remains that an incident occurred, a young woman was beaten up and Marleau is aware of what happened and who was involved. And if people need some other corroborating evidence, here's a little picture taken some time during this past week:

Busted lip. Broken teeth.

But hey, she deserved it, right?

Sort of makes one question the whole "honour" part of Blood & Honour, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

'Pretty cool guys... beat on chicks and can't spell. For shame.

Dr.Dawg said...

Plenty of blood, but I've never quite grasped the "honour" part, even before this incident.

Anonymous said...

Sort of makes one question the whole "honour" part of Blood & Honour, doesn't it?

Dont drag us into it! For the love of god just refer to them as the Aryan Guard, they have no honour, nor self respect.

Jeff Demas said...

You can put lipstick on a pig it's still a pig!!! aryan guard are nothing but scumbags and are trying to steal a name that doesn't even come close to what those degenerates are about!!! Voksfront Alberta will take care of these losers!!!


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let the aryan guard scum know how Volksfront Canada's winter solstice went and to let you all know that the behaviour of these pieces of garbage will no longer be tolerated in Alberta!!


Todd Golding (Conroy) said...

My favorite part is the part where John Marleau gets the blame, and he wasn't even there.

That's cereal.


faithless said...

anonymous 2- no bonehead has any honour. you are pathetic wastes of sperm. you make me wish i had hair. you bring shame to your race, and to human beings everywhere.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous-
no no, they're not ''aryan guard'' they're the aryan terror bridge remember?

''the blood of antifa will run in the streets'' remember

Anonymous said...

What was done was wrong, but yes, also not the true story. Unfortunately these scum did beat this poor girl and it was undeserved but she wasnt unconscious. She was able to walk back into the house. I was there to witness this. These blood and "honour" men are not honourable but not all of them are like these pieces of shit. This shit will continue to happen with these three guys unless she goes to the police and I hope she does.

Anonymous said...

Where women do not deserve hands laid upon them, that is what you get, and (cynically) deserve for hanging out with the likes of the Aryan "guard". So hard they are, I am almost scared. I wonder how they like being a joke?

Anonymous said...

Kyle and Lee are straight goofs! I had the 'pleasure' of meeting them and they are complete drunks!

The real Jeff said...

Hey, nice impersonation of me online there. But, I really can care less of what the C18 guys in Calgary do. Those who wish to stir the pot between VF and the former AG (C18) can go ahead and try, you're only being counter productive, and a waste of time

Anonymous said...

Ok but how can this girl complain, when she just goes and dates a web assosiate heinz davis???

Anonymous said...

Oh please! Gimme a break! Benson isn't even a WEB associate!
He's a tourist in the movement, snapping pictures with any and everyone he can just to look tough! He's in it for the look and to try and seem badass by spewing the facts he's read on wikipedia at everyone! He just regurgitates information and had no opinions of his own, unless they are negative ones about everyone he's met in the movement.

He only moved to Calgary to avoid getting his fake ass beat in Toronto.
He's a fraud who's so full of hot air!