Sunday, December 26, 2010

December 2010 Bits and Bites: Violence in Russia Supported By Canadian White Nationalists and More Blood & Honour Feuding

As we enter the final days of 2010, we thought we would remind our dear readers (though most of our regulars need no reminding) of the fact that, "White Pride" and "White Nationalism" is really just a euphemism for justifying hatred and violence.

In early December one of the Canadian regulars on Stormfront posted a link concerning right wing extremism and violence in Moscow:

Now the appropriate WN script will pay lip service to this violence being regrettable, but also being symptomatic of deeper racial animus that could be solved merely through a, "sensible" immigration policy (failing to mention that the targets of the Russian ultranationalists are indigenous to the modern state of Russia, having been incorporated into the Empire between 1817 and 1864). And if it were David Duke, Don Black, Paul Fromm or any of the other elder statesmen of the WN movement who commented on the link, this, or a variation of this, is what we would read. Of course they don't believe this either, but it does sound so much more respectable.

Fortunately, the unwashed masses of the WN movement often forget protocol and actually say what they think:

And if our dear readers believe that "Selesian Princes'" views are merely the slip of the tongue, or fingers, of one individual which doesn't reflect on the rest of the WN movement, well, it's hard to argue that is the case when other's wistfully recall the street violence of the Wiemar Republic...

... and the the mass murder of a people...

... while the rest celebrate.

Of course there's the usual bit of self-doubt and envy that goes along with stories of ultranationalists targeting minorities to assault and murder. Mostly, "why aren't we, White Nationalists, doing that here too?" Shawn Macdonald (Model) provides his take on why we don't see the same level of racial violence that the former Soviet Bloc seems to be experiencing:

We're not sure we accept hate crime laws as the only reason, but it certainly does lend support for Sec. 13 if the boneheads themselves believe it acts as a deterrent to commit more violent crimes.

Speaking of Macdonald, it looks like his branch of the Blood & Honour movement is paying attention to this blog. We wrote earlier about John Marleau slagging the now rotting corpse of David Lane. The rival Blood & Honour movement, particularly Vickie Cahill (who has her own odd history concerning Lane's body which included a feud over some of his ashes), did not respond very well to Marleau's critique of Lane:

Normally we try not to link directly to bonehead websites, but in this case we really have to say we enjoyed the read (click here to read the blog post). Besides, Vickie used us as source material anyways, so in a way we played a part in the writing of the blog post (minus poor grammar, profanity and racial epithets).

The remainder of the posts on the rival Blood & Honour forum were also very entertaining:

As if in answer, Marleau continues to gripe about Lane:

Of course our dear readers know the ultimate irony is that Marleau himself has some aboriginal heritage. Oh, he'll deny it and claim that it's just a vicious lie made up by us nasty antis, but he, and the people who know him, know the truth.

Finally, and to address the individuals who have been sending us update, yes we know that Kevin Goudreau is out of jail/the loony bin and has gone back to claiming his one man show is the largest White Nationalist group in Canada and he will soon become the leader of the country and..... yeah, why bother finishing this sentence? Point of fact is he has no credibility even amongst his fellow travelers so while we thank our readers for sending us updates (and please, continue to do so even if they aren't published) it's going to take a lot for us to care enough about this nutbar to even consider writing an article about him.

Then again, he does amuse us so.... stay tuned. He's good for a sideshow on occasion perhaps.

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White Nationalist Front said...

Dear leftwing scumbags,

You cannot argue, debate against us or make any valid points so you sheeple decide to make up random lies about people, is that all you have? You do not have any credible merit to base any argument on so you choose to sling mud like children with baseless lies. I have never been in a loony bin and i have not gone back to claiming anything, as a matter of fact i have not really said anything to anyone about anything so your wild claims are false information and disinformation which seems to be your M.O. We have a new website that you may like

Your Truly,

Kevin Goudreau
Chairman, White Nationalist Front.