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Far-Right Infighting Regarding the "Save the Children East Meets West" Convoy

While watching the infighting on the far right regarding the "Save the Children" convoy has been fun I wasn't going to write about it. Then Jason LaFace did a stream and, well, how could I not then? 

This clip sort of acts as a summary:

So let's start at the beginning shall we? 

Over the past few days far-right groups like Veterans4Freedom and Police on Guard For Thee have been warning their supporters and others not to participate in the "Save the Children East Meets West" convoy:

The reasons why are varied, but also include information Jeff Evely of V4F posted regarding what he heard at one of the secret meetings:

V4F also released an audio in which "someone in the know" talks about the plan to surround police in the financial district in Toronto and that they had 3 million supporters, such as former police and military, who would help to remove the government:
I was initially sure that the voice in the clip was that of Marcus Ray, a far-right activist who participated in the Ottawa Occupation in February 2022. In fact I stated my belief that it was Ray in the Twitter (er... X I guess) thread that I originally published. However it is far more likely, certain even, that the voice is that of Shawn "Iron Crow" Bradley who is one of the Nova Scotia organizers and with whom Jeff Evely would have attended the secret meeting with.

Here is a clip for comparison:

However while it was not Marcus Ray, I do think it is fair to suggest that his influence (or ideas) are reflected to some degree in this event

For example, Ray also spoke about surrounding police. He also talked about possessing an army of ex-police and veterans:

We also know that Elliot McDavid, Gordon Berry, and Shawn "Iron Crow" Bradley, were in attendance at the "planning meeting" in Manitoba last Fall organized by Marcus Ray (thanks to a friend for these screen grabs of Berry in the top photo and Bradley in the bottom... the V4F t-shirt in the top one is rather ironic now):

Finally, we see that the main eastern organizer, Gordon Berry, often wears a Constitutional Sheriffs t-shirt which was Marcus Ray's project (though the American-based far right group stated they didn't know of a Canadian branch):


In any case if Ray isn't involved his ideas appear to be being utilized:

But back to the released audio, suffice to say that the convoy folks aren't pleased and are claiming that this is all disinformation. Among those is Jason LaFace who here threatens to hack V4F's website and claims they and Jeff Evely are paid infiltrators:

For those who aren't aware of who Jason LaFace, formerly associated with the Soldiers of Odin, is, he was involved in the Ottawa Occupation and the infamous Memorandum of Understanding that would have been an end run around the elected government (and which had no chance of being agreed to):
Here are a few other relevant links:
Jason LaFace is also prone to... uhm... outbursts such as his claim to have always known that V4F were government plants. He also claims that unions are trying to groom children. Basically throwing everything including the kitchen sink in his accusations:

You see LaFace is also an Alpha unlike the other Beta men in the country. Word of warning that this clip contains some really ugly homophobic missives and epithets:

In yet another virulently homophobic rant where he says the LGBTQ are Nazis (again, there is a lot of anti-LGBTQ epithets dropped) he says that people are arriving at the main camp in spite of the detractors:

Have I mentioned that he really seems mad at V4F and Jeff Evely, because he is REALLY mad at V4F and Jeff Evely:

LaFace talks about how he and his "cyber guys" (he thinks he is a hacker) have been exposing infiltrators. He also mentions his own criminal record and makes a threat: 

"Do you know what my family does to snitches? On my mom's side. Sicilians. Should I say more?":

Regarding the audio released by V4F, LaFace claims he can tell it is fake just by listening to it. They won't be violent, though he immediately undercuts this. 

Also, he talks to France and France tells him Canadians are wimps. 

Uhm... France is a country my dude:

But hey, he is willing to compromise on the name and not call it a convoy if people just show up because Canada only has months left before, oh I don't know, something happens?

It has been "a couple of months" now since 2015 at least in which Canada's collapse has been predicted.
These are long, bloody, months:

Now by this point you are probably inclined to believe that LaFace might be prone to hyperbole, but he will have you know he has been doing cyber for hours to expose the infiltrators:

He recounts a personal story about why he dislikes and distrusts V4F and, folks, I can't even. 

Dude claims to have organized an event with 10,000 participant when I'm not sure he can organize a backyard bbq with him as the only person who showed up:

Continuing his claims of self-importance, it was HE who spoke to all the real vets who supported the Ottawa Occupation and he has all their names and addresses written down which (a) is almost certainly not true and (b) would be TERRIBLE opsec if it was... which it isn't:

He calls out V4F and Diagolon's Jeremy MacKenzie who he says he knows are dangerous but that he is as dangerous if not more so: 

"I have my own army. Read my fucking criminal record.  You'll see the people I associate with." 

Also, snitches get ditches, not just stitches because, not violent.

As an aside I have no love for JMack or V4F, but I don't for a second think that they couldn't end LaFace in a heartbeat so Chester should probably not antagonize Spike:

I would note here that LaFace is currently in Alberta with no apparent imminent plans to go to Ontario himself, so keep that in mind as he continues to call people out:

LaFace mentions the MOU and how he (again) saved the day and probably the country single handedly. 

But yeah, 300,000 people signed it? And you have the hard drive? And are the only person who has it?

Totally things that have happened:

In claiming he would commit another crime to keep the hard drive from falling into police hands, he shares why he is keeping it and other artifacts.  

One day, they will be enshrined in a Museum of Freedom that commemorates their heroic efforts:

I'll finish with that clip because it really does go to the motivation of people like LaFace. They want to be famous. They want to be known for having done something great. They think they should be in history books. 

They want to be remembered.

These are people occupy the fringes of society but because they have been able to connect in an online echo chamber have convinced themselves they are movers of history.

When one looks at it that way, the likes of Jason LaFace, but also people like Pat King, Kevin Johnston, Jeremy MacKenzie, Artur Pawlowski, Tamara Lich and so many others becomes just so much more pathetic.

In the end I don't know if this "convoy" will go to Toronto. It seems that the police in Toronto may have acted in response to the recording released by V4F, though ultimately nothing happened on that day. In a recent stream by one of the participant it seems that he believes the final destination is Ottawa which makes some sense considering it is the seat of government and occupies a "Custer's Last Stand" symbolism amongst this crowd. That said the camp at Phelpston seems to be closer to Toronto than Ottawa so who knows?

Also Police tried to contact Norman Blanchfield because he's in breach of his bail conditions and they told him they'd arrest him. He refused to speak to them and instead did a livestream while driving to address the cops:
But there is more.

Elliot "Moose" McDavid also posted a missive attacking V4F as cowards and traitors:

In his rant he references the Marcus Ray event last Fall in which a V4F spy attended, though because it was QAnon crank Logan Murphy who is about as reliable as a train schedule in Greece they learned about this effort when Murphy spilled the beans to them.

McDavid also insists secrecy is important and that it will be peaceful but undercuts this statement by his next statement justifying being aggressive.

Also of interest, it seems big, brave, Elliot McDavid isn't himself going to Ontario as he criticized others for not going, though he does say he flip flopped back and forth and his heart is with those who are going so I guess that makes it all okay:

Finally in a rather telling rant, McDavid basically says that just because they are vets that it doesn't mean that the V4F members aren't traitors ans disgusting.

Support the troops, eh?

But he also mentions Marcus Ray, a man whom he considers to be a friend, claiming that he has no involvement and that they only wear the Constitutional Sheriff t-shirts because they like them.

I mean, since it isn't stained perhaps it is his dress t-shirt?

 I don't know what the outcome of the events that at being planned will be, where it will take place, and when it will occur.

But it very well be quite disruptive and potentially dangerous.

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