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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

More on Diane Blain (Trudeau Heckler) and Mainstream Conservative Reaction

The fallout from Le Troupeau's expose of Diane Blain and her association with the Storm Alliance and Front Patriotique du Québec continues to reverberate in Canadian political news. To recap, Blain and other members of a the far right Front Patriotique du Québec managed to get into a Liberal Party event. Ms. Blain started shouting questions at Justin Trudeau that became increasingly racially exclusive and he called her out for it. Initially Trudeau was criticized for how he handled Blain since the video only caught the latter part of the exchange and provided little context, however Le Troupeau was able to prove the whole thing was a set-up intended to cause a reaction resulting in a decidedly different understanding of the event.

Le Tropeau has provided further information since first publishing the expose:

The mainstream Conservative talking points had initially been to attack Trudeau for calling a nice, little, old lady a racist and not addressing a legitimate question. After Blain was exposed, the talking points changed.... slightly. They acknowledged that she was a racist, but the question was still legitimate and Trudeau had no right to call her a racist for asking the question.... even though she was a racist.

This is a position taken by no less than the leader of the Official Opposition:

The problem with this, as noted earlier, is that the video only caught the part where Trudeau called out Blain for being a racist. It didn't include the initial confrontation when Trudeau attempted to address her question (while a companion of her's belittled the statement concerning Mohawk territory) and only called her out when she began using offensively racist language:

And it is of course important to understand why the language Blain used was offensive:

Perhaps it shouldn't be surprised that Andrew Scheer, a man who has proven himself to be a feckless, milquetoast, coward who can't stand up to Bernier for his overt bigotry but then accuse Trudeau of being divisive for calling out a racist since too many of the people who side with both Blain and Bernier represent a sizable base of the Conservative Party right now. I mean, this IS the party that spoke of "Old Stock" Canadians, barbaric practices hotlines, and Canadian values purity tests.

Certainly, the white supremacists that ARC covers heard the dog whistle:

If Paul Fromm agrees with you, you are definitely on the wrong side of history.


Simon said...

Excellent post. It’s important that English-speaking Canadians understand what really happened that day when Blain and her scummy friends disrupted that Liberal event. Especially since the Cons have made it clear that they intend to make racism the centrepiece of the next election campaign. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

"Finally we have a candidate worth voting for!"

I had no idea Ronny lives in Beauce.

Does he know Bernier was a candidate in 2006, 2008, 2011 and 2015?

Anonymous said...

When a Conservative MP is sharing links from alt right websites claiming that Muslims are trying to legalize pedophelia (even though the video in the link said no such thing), it's time to rename the conservative party to something more fitting...