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Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Medicine Hat man arrested on hate crime and weapons charges

In mid July, posters and sticker began showing up in Medicine Hat, AB that read "Immigration = White Genocide" and included the web address for an anti-immigration, Islamophobic, hate site. These stickers were found on public buildings, signs, churches, and vehicles. At the same time currency was being distributed with antisemitic stamps on them.

Today ARC learned that an arrest was made in late July.

Loki Hulgaard was arrested and charged with inciting hatred:
When officers searched his backpack, numerous $5, $20 and $50 bills were discovered, stamped with messages including “Jewish White Genocide.”
Of even greater concern however is what was discovered when a search warrant was executed:
Officers executed a search warrant at Hulgaard’s home, and seized numerous computers, USB drives and white supremacy documents. Officers also seized four firearms, including 2 SKS high-powered rifles with the serial numbers removed, over 1,200 rounds of ammunition, high capacity magazines and hate stickers displaying the message “Immigration=White Genocide.”
Possession of firearms such as these by a white supremacist in the current political climate should be a wake-up call that there are individuals out there who take the anti-immigrant rhetoric to heart and are potentially willing to use violence.

I have to wonder about the name Loki. While it could genuinely be the first name of the suspect, it is also the name of the god of mischief in Norse mythology. Given that a number of anti-immigrant and Islamophobic hate groups that have adopted Norse iconography, I can't help thinking that "Loki" might be a pseudonym and that there might be a connection to one or more of these groups.

I admit though that this is totally supposition on my part.

If there's more information that comes out I'll do what I can to update. In the mean time if any reader has information that would provide more detail please feel free to contact ARC.


Anonymous said...

Was thinking the same about "loki". No parent would name their kid that. Loki was a fucking dick, and killed Baldur by means of shitty trickery. Not really a nice name for your beloved son.

Anonymous said...

Page 3 of this document claims his original name was Brandon