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Sunday, September 12, 2010

B&H vs. B&H(C18): Stormfront Moderator Takes A Side

There is a context for this latest pissing contest which we will comment on in a few days, but in the meantime we thought we would contribute we can to sowing further dissension by providing a bit of a prologue.

We've written in the past about the mostly online arguments between the two rival Blood and Honour factions, the one aligned with Combat 18 and the other with the Hammerskins and Volksfront. The latest chapter as it pertains to the situation in Canada began on Stormfront a week or so ago and includes the following exchange, beginning with John Marleau announcing the launch of a new Blood and Honour website his faction created:

This announcement resulted in an exchange begun by Shawn MacDonald
--> (Model) who belongs to the rival Blood and Honour faction. Surprisingly, he's not so keen on anyone associated with Combat 18 claiming the Blood and Honour title (thread has been edited for content):

Now this in and of itself isn't a big deal. What is significant is that a Stormfront moderator has taken sides on this issue:

Now we can't say that this is the official statement of Stormfront on the matter, but it is interesting that one of their moderators (Dan Martin, aka: "OdinPatrick") feels the need to pick a side.

And how do the folks in the Combat 18 faction feel about this?

So, how about that New Orleans Protocol. Working out pretty good, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

After reading all the articles this site has written about white power activists, I am wondering what the writter's opinion is of the group called "the black panthers"? They are black sepremacists, so don't you think they are supporting racism aswell? This is just something which I am curious about.

Anonymous said...

Laughin at those C18 dudes, they are so bloody dramatic.

Due to the black, left-wing presidency, the rekindling of hate toward imaginary communism, and the rise of the Tea Party, white nationalists feel they have an opening in America to gain ground, they just need to shut their mouths less they scare people off. Saw a very interesting documentary on the whole thing. It's the same as Fromm's tactic with the Tamil immigrants, he saw a window and exploited it to make his absurd ideals sound more reasonable. Too little too late either way, not a chance in hell enough people are going to buy into it, nor are riots going to do anything other then scare everyone that isn't a white nationalist already, including white people. In fact it would probably just piss off a lot of white people, and would most likely end in a crack down on racism.

Anonymous said...

Trust me, there are plenty of white people pissed off at them already. It doesn't matter whether they're volkscunt or clown 18, a nazi is a nazi. Our veterans died to keep this scum from breeding here...

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand about the C-18 guys is that they talk about violence and such and bitch and whine about other "groups" not doing anything why don't they stick to their world and do something violent already instead of getting their fat asses tazered for having a temper tantrem on a city bus. C18 says that the violence they want is either done by a lone wolf or a cell of 2-3 people, so why aren't we seeing any of this? Because C18 is Computer 18

Anonymous said...

Besides if you're part of a supposed terrorist organization, why do you post as such on an internet forum?

Davegeek said...

It's just like high school, Beverley Hills 1488! Which WN clique will be the coolest?

And for anonymous #1, if nothing else the Black Panthers dressed better and had better music.

Anonymous said...

To anon #1, first off, the original BPP (not the psycho knock-off poseurs posturing under the same namesake today) were a response to the ongoing systemic violence and oppression black people in the US faced every since they were first trafficked over from Africa.

They got tired of being sold out by white people not willing to sacrifice their privilege by engaging in real solidarity (ie. more grassroots anti-capitalist, anti-racist organizing) and by their maistream black "leaders."

Their "black nationalism" was not "anti-white" by any means, but more a belief that only black people could liberate themselves, and if/when they were free, they would be the ones best able to organize and "govern" themselves (under a more egalitarian model) in their newly-liberated territories.

An examination of any BPP literature will reveal that in fact, the BPP did actively encourage people of different "nationalities" to work in solidarity with them to bring down systems of exploitation and oppression that hurt people of ALL races who did not belong to economically-privileged circles.

In addition, they actively asked white folks to mobilize similar insurrections in their communities, in support of their black brothers and sisters.

While the BPP were far from perfect (black women were rarely in a position of leadership and there was a decided lack of analysis on issues pertaining to gender and sexuality), to equate the BPP with the white pride jerk-offs profiled on this blog is to try to view these very different "movements" as two sides of the same coin, which is quite simply, just not the case.