Saturday, September 25, 2010

Richard Martin: Aryan Warrior /sarcasm

On September 16, Richard Martin and Shane Gill were sentenced to 9 and 6 months in jail respectively. Here's a reminder why they were sentenced to lengthy terms behind bars:

Earlier that month, on July 3, the woman had been sitting in her living room when she heard a man outside making gunshot noises. She looked out her front window and saw her neighbour, Martin, on the sidewalk making gestures with his hand as if he were shooting a gun at her house. 
Nine days later, the woman heard Martin and another man in the parking lot outside her bedroom window. They were loudly singing songs with racially offensive lyrics and yelling, "Go back to Africa."
The woman filed her first police report the next day. Two days later, as she and the 11-year-old girl were walking to the local variety store, they were confronted by Martin and Gill. Martin again made the gunshot noises and the sign of a gun in her direction. 
When the men began to spew their racial slurs, the woman and child turned and headed for home. The woman told police Gill was close behind them as they ran inside the house and locked the door. Gill then began to pound on her door. 
Once inside, the woman, the young girl and the child's mother moved to the middle of the home for fear that the men would break windows. After police arrived and took a second report, the two women took turns sitting guard on the porch through the night in case of further trouble.
And as a result of his profound bravery in intimidating two women and an 11 year old child, Martin's friends consider him to be a prisoner of war:

The Facebook group was created and/or administered by two people, one of whom is known to us and our dear readers:

It shouldn't be a surprise that Andrew Benson (pictured here with Paul Fromm) is involved with this group. Benson and Martin have been friends for some time and really are of a similar mindset. In fact Benson was with Martin when Martin was involved in a case of vandalism for which he appears to have gotten off scott free, despite posting photographs of himself in the act.

Benson is now living in Calgary and, along with Mike Gaio (who is also a member of the "Richard Martin : Prisoner of War" group), is hanging with the Aryan Guard (which now appears to have become officially affiliated with the Combat 18 faction of Blood & Honour.

The other individual who created the group is someone who, until now, was unknown to us:

Meet Micki Valkyrie, perhaps better known by her birth name Micki (Michelle) McDonnell. Micki might be new to the White Supremacist scene in Calgary, but what she lacks in longevity she makes up for in enthusiasm. Here she is criticizing the Aryan Guard for not following through with their "White Pride Day" march this past year and her commitment to doing it herself:

It looks like the strong approach from a newbie wasn't appreciated.

Congratulations Micki! You made the blog!

UPDATE 1: Micki was kind enough to send us a message stating that her surname is not McDonald, but McDonnell.

Since you're a reader of the blog, we wonder if you've spoken to your new friends about your last relationship? Or your own ethnic heritage? Might make for a fun discussion.

UPDATE 2: Oh, Micki. You really do need to develop a better understanding of the law. No where did we claim that you committed a crime. No where have we alleged that you uttered a racial epithet. What we HAVE posted is information concerning a group you created in support of a convicted felon, your participation on the website Stormfront, and your intent (whether it ultimately happens or not) to organize a White Pride march next year. The other information regarding your ancestry and your relationship which would make your new friends not so happy can be, and would be, easily verified in a civil court, and you know it.

You know what a paper tiger is?

So here's what would happen should the remarkable happen and you actually attempt to sue us. We counter sue and require you to pay our court costs when you ultimately fail to make your case.

HOWEVER, we are feeling magnanimous today. We heard through the grapevine that you're sort of in the outs with the Aryan Guard crew now. We base this on a message sent to us claiming to be a member of the group saying that they gave you the boot for reasons know to them and yourself. They abandoned you.

So, here's the deal. We'll remove information in exchange for information. It's a fair offer. Think about it. They seem to be willing to spill the beans on you with no problem. If it were us, we might want to get back at them.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

ooh! Do tell!

Anonymous said...

I don't know who the fuck messaged you, but it was NOT me!
I don't give a shit who gave you my information, but take me off of the blog, NOW!
I've never said or done ANYTHING racist, and I don't appreciate being on this blog.
Take the screen shot of my facebook off of here, or I will non-stop report the blog.

As for the relationship thing, my ONE and ONLY relationship was with a WHITE FRENCH CANADIAN...
And as for my heritage, I don't know where you got your information, but I'm white!!!
Fuck you assholes and your bullshit lies and propaganda!

Anonymous said...

they all date mixed race people anyways, i know a girl who i spart native and even admitted it to her useless skin boyfriend that she is part native and he just said he will pretend he didn't hear that.

Anonymous said...

Its interesting that Micki likes to quote Satre on her face bookpage.
Does she know that he was a communist?

Anonymous said...

I simply love how racist A.R.C is anyone who shows pride in there race and culture as long as its white is and must be a racist so I'm a white American citizen who is proud of what i am in A.R.C eyes that makes me a racist now had i been black it would be OK that makes them just as racist as the neo Nazis

NomDeGuerre200 said...

@ Anonymous 6 - since you're commenting on a post about Richard Martin, we're going to assume you consider terrorizing two black women and an 11-year old child to be showing "pride" in your race.