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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Paulie Running For Mayor of Mississauga. Oh, Such Fun!!!

So now Paulie is running for mayor, at least according to a recent post on Stormfront. We enjoy reading Paulie's press releases that he writes for himself, all of which are are filled with praise of his grand accomplishments. Here below is his press release from Stormfront, with a few comments added for context:

PORT CREDIT. Nightly radio broadcaster [on Stormfront] and immigration expert [just because you call yourself an expert doesn't make it so, Paulie] Paul Fromm filed nomination papers for Mayor of Mississauga this afternoon.

“Immigration is the issue,” Fromm declared.
[and even if he were to somehow, miraculously, elected as mayor, Paulie would have no control over immigration in any way, shape or form] “It’s the two ton elephant in the room that the municipal politicians don’t want to discuss. They just want to babble about the supposed benefits of ‘diversity.’” 
“Immigration impacts almost every major problem in Mississauga – overcrowded roads, dwindling farm land, the environment, welfare costs. If I’m elected, I’ll camp out on the Minister of Immigration’s front lawn and demand action,” [Meaning that you'll publicly embarrass your city on a daily basis... kudos] said Fromm. 
Ontario projections have Peel Region growing from 1.258-million in 2008 to 1.543-million in 2016. “Will the roads be any less congested? Will welfare costs be lower? Will the environment be safer with nearly another 300,000 in Peel? “asks Fromm. “Not likely.” [So we can only assume that you'll be actively preventing Canadians of European origin from moving to your fair city?] 
“Mississauga is full,” Fromm declares. “It’s more than doubled in size since I moved here in 1980,” says the Port Credit resident, who is in demand as a lecturer on immigration in Canada, the U.S., and Australia. [Yes, in demand from people associated with Volksfront, White Revolution, the Council of Conservative Citizens, the Institute For Historical Review, the Ku Klux Klan, Blood and Honour, the Aryan Guard and a variety of other wholesome organizations] 
“According to Statistics Canada, the unemployment rate in July was 8.5% in Ontario. We don’t have enough jobs for our own people. We need a five year moratorium on immigration intake. [Which is the same thing he's been saying since at least 1981.... how's that working out for you Paulie?] No reflection on the present immigrant population, [HA! Is this his effort to appeal to ethnic voters? "You're okay, but those other ethnics are the ones we need to worry about." Hard to take you seriously when you write stuff like this, Paulie] but we need a breather,” Fromm adds. [We once again stress that as a mayor, Paulie would have no control over immigration into Mississauga.] 
According to the Mississauga Planning and Building Department, Mississauga is the city with the third largest immigrant population in Canada. “From 2001 to 2006, immigrant population growth exceeded total population growth in Mississauga. [We should note that the city, filled with those nasty, crime-prone immigrants, is also recognized consistently as one of the safest cities in Canada] 
Paul Fromm is a graduate of the University of Toronto, holding B.A., B.Ed., and M.A. degrees. [And while in university, he founded the Edmund Burke Society which was described then as "violent tainted" and which later became the Western Guard, of which Paulie was a member during the first few months of the newly named group's existence] He pursued postgraduate studies at the University of Waterloo and Webster College in Missouri in linguistics and education.. He is a retired English instructor [Well, not retired so much as fired in disgrace and then having his teaching certificate stripped, but we understand why Paulie would rather say he was retired] and also is a director of the Council of Conservative Citizens. In the past year, he has lectured on immigration reform to audiences in 28 cities in seven Canadian provinces and 10 U.S. states. [See above]
So, we have Don Andrews, Tomasz Winnicki and Paulie all running for mayor.

Now Paulie isn't dumb. Okay, he is dumb, but he's not as dumb as his followers. He knows he doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell here, but he does know it will raise his profile a bit and will result in the sheep who follow in to part with more of their loose change in order to contribute to his campaign.

Or to continue to indulge in the red wine he's so fond of.

Or take vacations in decidedly non-White countries.

Now we're not saying that he WOULD do any of those things, but it might be prudent for his followers to ask for an audit of where their funds went after Paulie finishes near the bottom of the ballot. Again.


Anonymous said...

I think your theory on why he is running is off, though I assume you meant it as a joke anyway, so moving on. You are right, he is smarter then the average village idiot, so he isn't actually trying to win the election, but I don't think it has to do with money. I see it as a method to make his (let's call them) theories seem valid. I mean, any jackass can go on and on about how they think the world should work, but as a politician, certain circles may more easily be taken in by what he has to say. He is good at wording his extremist philosophy to sound somewhat more moderate and mainstream.

By the way, I really enjoyed your commentary on this one.

TorontoSHARP said...

Hehehehe.... Hehehehehe.... BWHAHAHAHAHA!! Oh please Big Fat Paulie.. Hazel McCallion is going to mop the floor with you. All you're going to do is show everyone what an idiot you are...

Anonymous said...

Fucking hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Ummm.. WTF? This guy is calling Fromm an "attorney by trade"?