Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fredrick Toben Goes to Jail

Oct 8-9, 2005 (Left to Right): Phillip Butler, Christopher Steele, Louis Cook, Paul Fromm, Fredrick Toben

First Terry Tremaine, now, in less than a week, Fredrick Toben ends up going to jail on contempt charges.

See what happens when you're friends with Paul Fromm.

Holocaust 'revisionist' Fredrick Toben silenced, sent to jail


August 13, 2009 04:55pm

HOLOCAUST "revisionist" Fredrick Toben has finally been silenced and jailed for repeatedly insulting and abusing the Jewish race via the Internet.

The Full Court of the Federal Court this afternoon rejected an appeal, filed by the self-styled "revisionist historian", against his three-month sentence for contempt of court.

As the court rose following its decision, Toben stood up and said: "Your Honours, may I just say something to you?"

Justice Jeffrey Spender, who had spent eight hours listening to Toben's rhetoric, replied: "No."

In April, Toben was found guilty of 24 counts of contempt of court.

Justice Bruce Lander ruled Toben had acted "wilfully and contumaciously" by uploading to his website articles implying Jewish people offended by Holocaust denial were of "limited intelligence".

Other articles had claimed that some Jewish people "exaggerated" the Holocaust "for improper motives".

Toben repeatedly claimed he had no fear of being jailed.

"Why should I regret anything?" he said outside court in April.

"If you believe in something and you want to have the freedom to express your opinion, then you should be prepared to make sacrifices."

Justice Lander subsequently imposed a three-month jail term – the activation of which was delayed pending an appeal.

Yesterday, counsel for Toben argued that penalty was too severe, and asked the finding of contempt be thrown out.

In the lead judgment, Justice Spender dismissed both applications.

"This is not a case concerning the Holocaust, or gas chambers, or the Jews," he said.

"This case was and is about the orders of the court... and obedience to the orders of the court is not optional."

He said Toben had committed "the most serious" contempt "in a serial way".

"Given the seriousness and repetitiveness of the contempt, a three-month sentence cannot be said – by any stretch of the imagination – to be excessive or unwarranted," he said.

Three Australian Federal Police officers met Toben outside the court, arrested him and led him to a waiting car.

It is understood he will serve his sentence at Yatala Labour Prison.

So as Toben languishes in prison for the next three months, and Tremaine for however long, Paulie will continue to drink his red wine.

And although he will make a big stink out of this publicly, he's really not concerned so long as those donations to keep him in red wine keep rolling in. His real attitude towards Toben and Tremaine?

Come on. Deep down, you know that we're right. Just ask John Beattie who doesn't have much nice to say about Paulie:

Everyone is being ever so polite. The great one in question [Paul Fromm] simply does not want anyone else to be heard, or notated, other than himself. Always was his way, and always will be his way. Gads I never thought others too would see this light of day. Pompous one man shows line pockets, but do not contribute one iota to saving our race. You can not drive a car with a license ending in 88, and wave the Union Jack at the same time, unless you are a huckster.

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Anonymous said...

Please say Noble is next.

Anonymous said...

The Beattie quote — unless I misunderstand it — implies that Fromm drives a vanity plate that ends in "88".

A picture of that, if you've got contacts in Fromm's neighborhood, would be a nice counter to Fromm's denial of neo-nazi sympathies.

nos200 said...

While we believe Noble will eventually be arrested, we're not in a position to say when. We were sure it would have been a while ago. That he's still free resulted in the los of $20.00 in a bet.

And we wouldn't put too much into Beattie's remark about vanity plates. We think it's more a matter of rhetorical flourish. Still, it would be fun to find out that it was true.

Anonymous said...

why dont you people get a life. Instead of attacking innocent people.. why dont you take a hobbie up instead of sitting on the internet?. By one of your favourite people ;)

nos200 said...

How come you people forget about our quilting bees, stamp collecting and bird watching. We lead very rich lives.

Harry said...

I think you're doing a great job. For No one special, you're pretty special!

nos200 said...

Why thank you Harry. We appreciate the sentiments.

Now, let the FD speculation begin.

Harry said...

Actually, I strapped on my hip waders and have been participating somewhat at FD, and despite being polar opposites I think we've surprised one another a number of times.
I'm still coming away with a feeling that the place is both anarchistic and far-right at the same time. Most Folks there do seem to have positive values, but there is a common sentiment that abusive expression is nearly impossible. A little bizarre, because in order to maintain some semblance of civilization, there has to be some agreed control on abusive expression, be it for protection of intellectual property, protection from fraud, slanderous libel and defamation of groups and individuals.

There are some deranged types, who are ill or just looking for a punching bag, and others who intelligently and politely disagree.

Did I convince anyone that hate expression laws are a good thing? I'm not sure. I really didn't expect to. But one thing I am sure of is that at least a few of them won't just blindly hate me forever now because I've shared some of my humanity with them.

Anonymous said...

Noble wont go to jail. The police prefer their informants outside. Why do you think he did his jailtime in Protective Custody. Usually that is reserved for rapists and child molesters. He is a Rat Plain and simple.

nos200 said...

Interesting theory, and not out of left field. We're not sure we agree necessarily, but it is food for thought.