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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Looky Who Wants To Come To Canada: Craig Cobb

Craig Cobb, who at one time bore a striking resemblance to Krusty the Clown, was at one time one of the more outspoken members of Alex Linder's VNN forums before he was banned in August 2007 (he was very vocal about his disapproval of Elisha Strom, the ex wife of Kevin Strom, being made an administrator on the site). Known as "Chain" on VNN, Cobb was infamous for such stunts as attending the funeral of Rosa Parks and videotaping the mourners as he attempted, quite successfully, to antagonize them by hurling racial epithets at the late civil rights icon.

While such stunts are disgusting and childish, it is his celebration of violence and murder committed against minorities that is of the most concern. An American citizen, Cobb has lived in Estonia for a number of years. From Estonia he has run Podblanc, a YouTube-type website that allows racists to upload videos of racist attacks and tributes to murderers such as Kyle Borman:
One Podblanc video entitled “Sniper Bags Negress,” for example, heralds the January 2008 random killing of a black woman in Omaha, Neb., by 19-year-old Kyle Bormann, who told police he targeted the victim because he was “pissed off” at black people. The website also glorifies the actions of Asa Coon, a troubled high school student who opened fire in a multicultural studies classroom in Cleveland in October 2007, wounding two teachers and two students before committing suicide. 
“We need a martyr’s section for guys like Bormann and Asa Coon,” Cobb wrote in the “Sniper Bags Negress” comments section. “I’ll work on getting that installed.”
Cobb had once stated that Estonians at worst sympathized with his brand of racism and, as best, overtly supported it. He even suggested that other like-minded bigots make their way to Estonia or other Eastern European countries. It would appear that his enthusiasm may have been a bit premature. In June of this year he was in Finland claiming political asylum based on religious persecution. That didn't happen and he was sent packing back to Estonia where he is scheduled to be deported in September. This is where it gets a bit interesting as Cobb is claiming that while he is an American, he is actually a dual Canadian citizen. From a post on Podblanc:
Eesti rejected my asylum & put me in jail. They called me racist, said there is now a ten year ban on me in Estonia since Feb. of 2007. They said in court that the kingdom of Sweden had some trial in Absenta agaist me – indictment, action ruling, something. The translator gave it all those names. So I guess if I show up in Sweden I would be arrested too. 
Fact is, I could use some research help. You see, I have dual citizenship & I am almost 100% I’m gonna get deported to Canada, not USA. Eesti law lets you pick if you have rights to more than one country. Yeah, I know those guys will say I am nuts to go to Israel north, but here are my reasons: 
1) By verbal agreement with the podblanc cell, my partial ownership in podblanc is forfeited when I am one second outside Canadian air space & about to enter Canada. 
2) Canadians need help with their Hasbara hate laws 
3) Any Canadian thought or speech crimes I committed were outside Canadian territory, plus – spoken with my diverse Kwa cultural free-speech habit & tradition. 
4) I can more rapidly earn money to go to South America or Serbia or Belarus – or somewhere I can do normal Deprograms. 
Can the VNNF researchers advise me the likelihood that Canada could or might be able to successfully prosecute me for my supposed speech crimes not uttered or originated from Canadian soil? I mean if a Canadian murders somebody on Cuba or England, they can’t put the accused on trial in Canada, right? On the other hand, Finnish law lets them try you for crimes committed elsewhere - that nigger Hutu Baptist they gave asylum to, Francois Bazaramba is getting tried in Finland! So maybe the Cannuck “Human Rights” crowd on VNNF could opine on all this. There is a chance that you could tell them to email final thoughts to me via the U.S. Consol, Patrick T. McNeil. His email is ********* The guy is 45 & has been kind of helpful - more than the Canadian cunt Mrs. Maria Asari, who hasn’t even shown up or called the Commandant though I have been here a week & may be kept till Sept. 16 by the judge’s order. The judge really genuinely laughed when I used Agis’ line about how Horst Mahler got less years for robbing banks with a machinegun than he did when he switched to the good side late in life & just flapped his mouth! 
My “crimes” are, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs: Endangering public security, public order, public safety, moral standards, health, or some other relevant public interests. They also said I promoted racism & was a racist. 
I pointed out the Jew George Soros, who operates here big time is a Zionist & that U.N. resolution #3379 passed 34 years ago in 1975 says Zionism is a racist thought system and that Soros is working with E.U. to import nigs & muzzies to Estonia ( I called them “Africans & Muslims” and is personal pals with Jacob Rothschild – all to no avail. 
Hey if this Maria Asari nutbag still hasn’t gotten me an emergency one way passport outta here as she can easily do & is supposed to do, maybe you guys could spam C.B.C.’s “As It Happens” radio show or Stephen Halpern’s office – somebody! 
Thank You! 
Implant podblanc vid “Soros convicted felon in France”
Soros also convicted felon France & Hungary
I am not a felon.
Video is the medium you dream in.
So Cobb wants to come to Canada to help educate us. How nice. He might want to talk to Terry Tremaine to see how that would go for him. As Ms. Asari has, in Cobb's mind, been less than helpful, he later suggested that people contact Paul Fromm for assistance as well:
There was a 2 and 1/2 hour trial where they concluded that I endanger public security, public order, public safety, moral standards, health of other persons or some other relevent public interests. 
I have cash and an American passport and am expelled by Estonia, but they have me locked down here till Sept 16th if they want and I think they can get extensions every 2 months. One Khazarstan guy has been here a year. Ha. One funny guard named "Sven" likes Podblanc and he always calls me "Hannibal Lecter". We both laugh our asses off at that. Sometimes he yells "white power" when he opens the door. LOL. 
Well, immediate problem is I want to go to Israelcan-orth ("orth" means corrective and the izzies love to correct and critique us. 
Anyway, I have dual citizenship and they need help quacking up there. I have some ideas how to do it - revamp deprograms til I move - get enough money to move to South America. For example, from Israelcan-orth, I could rent or borrow a guy's boa constricter or Anaconda, say the sname's name is "Diversity" and feed him a live, quivering white rabbit. I think that would be a legal and good show in Israelcan-orth, Izziecan-orth, Izcan-orth. 
But another problem - this nutbag female charge'd'affaires at the Canadian embassy in Tallinn, Mrs Marina Asari, so far won't visit me to help me get a single-tripp emergency Canadian passport. She is discriminating against my creativity religion I guess. Maybe it's collusion with her higher-ups too. But I kinda doubt it. This bitch seems esteemed up big time and not even willing to do the job except as she pleases. 
Can you guys start a small email fax campaign to CBC's "As it Happens" radio show or some other media in Israelcan-orth ?? Maybe I'll get the passport in time to avoid ZOG deportation and get some media to meet me at Vancouver or Calgary airport too. If you'd let Paul Fromm know, I'd appreciate it too. 
Thanks everyone at VNN. I read them everyday when I am normally working on Podblanc. For me and the world - it's like having our own research staff. 
Not surprisingly, his friends on VNN are somewhat concerned about his stated choice of destinations:
Except for a small handful of courageous individuals ( whom we've heard from, or about at various times on this forum ), Canada is mostly full of highly-conformist, mind-numbed people. They, and their government are total putty in the hands of the jews..owned -lock, stock and barrel. 
The populace is, by and large, mental castrates, with very little capacity for free thought -even more so than down here in the 'Kwa. Anyone with official capacity, will follow orders, and likely treat any non-PC activists very sternly, as they did with Zundel and others. 
There is no First Amendment in Canada, and actually nothing that resembles the Bill of Rights. The rabid jews who run things up there use this fact to their full advantage.
-Just my thoughts -not meaning to dump on all Canadians. btw, I lived in Edmonton for about 5 years, once, a long time ago.
Wherever you go -good luck, Craig
There's more, but that's about the gist of it.

We'll continue to follow this. Somehow we think, should he find himself deported to Canada, that his stay will be most unpleasant.


Tremaine Lea said...

May I be so bold as to request that when you're tagging posts that reference Terry Tremaine that you tag it with 'Terry Tremaine' rather than just Tremaine?

I am quite supportive of anti-racist actions in Calgary and have been involved when I can in the demonstrations against the Aryan Guard here, so it's a bit disconcerting and annoying to share a name with a racist like Terry Tremaine.

With a relatively unusual name like mine, and being quite active on the internet, I'd rather minimize any accidental association for someone who Googles for it ;)

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration!

Tremaine Lea

Nosferatu200 said...

Done. :)

Anonymous said...

"Cobb looks like Krusty The Clown".

That is awesome, Krusty is Jewish person. haha

Anonymous said...

Nice to know the folks on VNN are such mental heavyweights. I guess the poster who commented on Canada had never heard of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms which is the first several sections of the Constitution Act of 1982. Way to show off your intellectual acumen VNN folk.