Friday, August 21, 2009

How Do You Spell Delusional?

We spell it N O B L E:

So let's see if we understand this. The anti-racists outnumbered the Aryan Guard members and their supporters at the march by a factor of roughly 4 or 5 to 1. The Aryan Guard marchers were prevented from reaching the final destination of their march and had to have a police escort to a bus that was called in for them. And, outside of a few commentators on the right, the Aryan Guard and their supporters are generally reviled.

And who was embarrassed?

Billy truly, TRULY believes with all of his heart that it is only a matter of time before this...

... will soon be running the show here in Canada as respected and even honored leaders of a future White Utopian society.

We aren't about to begin holding our collective breaths on that happening.

Billy, if you think for a moment that the city of Calgary is going to continue to allow you and your kind to embarrass the city, then you have really lost your grip with reality.

As for who should be embarrassed, well.......
And by the way "White Power Toronto," the reason why nothing you write get's posted is because you're boring and predictable. Try to come up with something original. Perhaps then we'll begin to notice your desperate pleas for attention. Pick up your game a little bit.


Cliff said...

Hi guys, long time reader, first time commenter.

I was wondering if you'd seen this on wikileaks:
Blood and Honour international Neo-Nazi network messages and passwords, Mar 2009

You probably have, but I just found it surfing through wikileaks and I thought I'd make sure.

AuntieFa said...

I guess it must be hard to clean your house when you're fighting all that social injustice directed at the white race eh?

SoupCan Man said...

Box cutter Billie is looking kind of silly. Bunch of dilusional retards. I think he lives in his own little world. Or maybe I hit him too hard with a soupcan last March.LMAO

Anonymous said...

The fact is, we (the antis) don't care if we're "embarassed" or not. What the nazis don't seem to get is that us looking bad in the eyes of the media isn't the same thing as them looking good. However we "look", we still had enough people to physically prevent them from marching, and we will until these white power goons give up.

RoundandRound said...

They had to be taken away in a bus for their own protection?

The bus wasn't kind, small, even short, was it?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the master race, did you guys see this: