Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Paul Fromm Continues to Promote The Aryan Guard

Paulie has been in Alberta speaking at various "free speech" engagements this week. He was just in Edmonton yesterday. On Sunday, he spoke in Calgary:

We'll just repost that Sunday status update again so it's clear:

I'm elated. We had another tremendous meeting in Calgary today. I complimented the Aryan Guard for putting Alberta on the map as the heartland of White Pride.

This isn't the first time Fromm has promoted the Aryan Guard. In fact as the recent article from "The Intelligence Report" noted Fromm, along with Terry Tremaine, assisted in the formation of the gang:

The Aryan Guard was founded in late 2006 with help from two disgraced ex-teachers who marched with the fringe group at the March 21 rally: Paul Fromm of the Canadian Association for Free Expression, who lost his teaching certificate because of his white supremacist activities, and National Socialist Party of Canada leader Terry Tremaine, a former part-time university lecturer who in 2007 was fined $4,000 by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal because of his racist and anti-Semitic Internet postings.

Yes, the Aryan Guard has put Alberta on the map as the heartland of "White Pride."And here is one way that they've managed to do that. And here's another. And these two founding members of the Aryan Guard did their part too. And how about this? And of course who can forget this one?

You know, somehow we don't think the people of Alberta wants the Aryan Guard to put their province on the map.

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True Voice said...

These pathetic morons do NOT represent Alberta. The fact that little clowns like this are here is disturbing. Without their police protection I doubt they would still exist.Strange that they get protection though. Dont the police usually only protect its informants? Makes one wonder..........