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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Looky Who Wants To Come To Canada Part II: Craig Cobb Claims To Have Arrived in Vancouver

A little while back we noted that Craig Cobb, who was about to be deported from Estonia, had requested that he be sent to Canada (he has claimed dual citizenship with this country). Cobb is now claiming on Podblanc that arrived in Vancouver:

"3 Non-Logger, U.N." Type Vancouver Customs Agents Seize My Macbook & Amazon-Available "Which Way Western Man", LMWAO

They are touchy up here--especially since they are in control--ha ha. They also grabbed 4 copies of Bill White's ANSWP mag. But the weather is great, the teaching is needed, and for me--it is easier to earn money here. Plus, they need me here, ha!

Vancouver recently won some big most-livable world city. There is just that small problem of thought crimes you cannot make stopping to you in your head. As Jimmy Cagney said-- 'Come on in and get me, coppers!" i'm at the Samesun hostel at 1018 Granville. Great to be free. The three Eesti escorts were more taciturn than the Finns but they all shook hands extremely sincerely. I told them in Frankfurt the Canadian DNA line at the plane looked decidedly worse. Well. after the Customs hands RCMP the Macbook to get rid of the offensive pic of the SA street cam showing an upstanding SA citizen bamging a goat on the street corner and Tom Sheley's "Fun 'African' Facts", it'll be on its way to being washed up and returned.

The Estonians have sent three guards with me all the way rather than the usual two. LOL. A regular Carlos the Jackal. Thank You all for the sustaining help-- letters, calls and especially financially helping Podblanc stay operative and teaching. The Canadian thought police may seize my Macbook, I figure-- they like to do that, I am told. In any case, it is really fine to be out of two months of prison and have these three guards let me buy a one hour Stockholm net card with only 14 Rothschild funny monies. Thanks Agis, Admin, Alex, Rounder, and I am sure, many others. It was quite interesting to see the soft version of what is in store for us all unless we stop the slide to 2 per cent of the planet within 90 years as the United Nations says will be.

Gonna be a bit trickier to broadcast from Canadian Thought Crime Pre-Crime Minority Report IZ. I am a big Cary Grant fan...might start a Cannuck 501c3 of the Judy, Judy, Judy Foundation to change the name of planet earth. Or maybe begin the Lee Harvey Oswald--Barrack Hussein Obama Historical Review Society. Those would make some cool t-shirts. A sweeter thing would be the Send A Monkey to Israel Foundation. It would sell 10 cent Chinese monkey toys for 20 bucks-- pretty much like Kabballah water-- to send to the sons and daughters of the Knesset members who are so deprived now that they have to paint Hasbara hate messages on white phosphorous helicopter ordnance for the Gaza children. I might have a squirrel monkey in a propeller hat and call him Moses Mordechai Levy, the REAL name of Karl Marx. Maybe loop Elton John singing the opening to Holy Moses etc. But seriously-- will begin a regular Creativity branch-- just as Krishtons have branches. One would just have to read White Mans Bible and Natures Eternal Religion. Will say now only that Chtonic, Ermordungs, and Eminence Grise are in the name. We will honor posthumously people like Asa H. Coon...kinda like how kike-ess Madelaine Albright might get an honorary PhD for bombing the heads and limbs off Serbian White kiddies. Dick Poplaw might get one too, but here is the catch-- we cannot permit violence. So if you do violence you get kicked out of the Church with a certificate, videos etc. Sounds legal to me. And Thank You all. We are getting heavy publicity in Eesti, by the way. I learned that there aint no such animal as a right wing asylum seeker. So we must remember that when the tables get turned one day in our country. Boer moms and kids who have gotten your skin steam-ironed by congoloidals-- do not bother flying to Schengen via Moscow, cause you have just been the victims of a random crime in safe South Africa.

About President Ilves of Eesti-- I think maybe he has taken too many prescription E.U. pills from Juut NGOs. Ilves has overdosed and I guess will soon leave the building thanks to the Rothschild, Goldman Sachs subprime and derivatives games-playing. The guy actually graduated from high school in New Jersey. He should be WARNING his people. Eesti will make a lovely New Jersey of Europe. Last weekend I saw on TV a big ceremony in Estonia honoring the Wehrmacht Iron Cross winners, one of whom got his pinned on him by Hitler himself. I guess Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of the Interior has not caught up with those outlaws yet. Maybe by 2043. It took them 2 and a quarter years before Finland turned me over, he he. One man in the crowd held up a sign asking who would be the next Molotov. That would be dual Schengen felon kike-- convicted felon in both France and Hungary-- George Soros, his close pal Jacob Rothschild and jungle bunny Sumner Redstone, owner of swell, leaping bonobo MTV and CBS. Good luck with THAT, Eesti.


PS -- Turns out banned from all Schengen countries for 10 years after all. Kinda funny specifically absentia-tried and wanted in Sweden but you kikes are missing the boat, lmWao.

There's no date attached to this, though we suspect it was posted on August 25 or 26.

Of course we mentioned in our previous post concerning Cobb that he's infamous for videotaping individuals at the memorial for Rosa Parks and making outrageous and vile statements in order to enrage and disgust the attendees. He also posted the home address of the judge who ruled against Matt Hale (who's now rotting in prison on conspiracy to have said judge murdered) and of celebrating the murder of minorities on his Podblanc site, including videos honoring the murderers.

As we said earlier, we suspect that Cobb's stay in Canada, if he is indeed here, might not turn out the way that he hopes.

UPDATE: Well, this one was certainly published today:

They pulled a neat trick with the emergency passport. There were plenty of weeks waiting to give a full 24 page normal passport, but now I am here and cannot even prove I am Canadian. It takes a Social Insurance Card to get a Citizen ID card, and I have neither. The conundrum game. Kinda like a 2nd class Whitey citizenship I got awarded. However, after ten months, they figure they can probably manage to trace me and figure out who I am AND even discover my Social Insurance Number. Talk about fast! When I mentioned that the 30% asiatic et. al. dual citizens out on the beautiful streets seem to be sailing along quite smoothly here by contrast, they cautiously advised that that sounded racist, though I kinda saw the operative racism working the other way around. Lucky that burrocrat didn't call the kwaps on me! I always get a kick when they frequently, directly ask me a variant of "why did you come here" (meaning, to Canada, my own country!...even when I have just that moment finished expounding the situation in minute detail to them.) I wonder if they run that same inquisitive mantra on the scads of OTHER dual citizens who visit the gov't offices, lmao. I usually stay on my most polite behavior, sometimes even PAST the bitter conundrum end. One young gov't employee said I should have secured my documents better from some decades ago. Helpful! That was erudite future reference info from a 24 year old female, race-over-the-phone-unknown.

Anyway, if there is a single White Globalist (quitting the term WN in most cases as Klassen is right that we had BETTER go planetary, AND FAST too!)....please contact me ASAP in Room 203 of the Samesun Hostel at 1018 Granville. I will trey to buy a cheap local cell phone tomorrow so I can be easily reached. Thanks. I could really use some tips on getting high level help with SIN, and even a job without one. After all , that system spledidly for 40 million Mexicans in The Kwa, and as we all know--if it HAD NOT, that would damned SURE have been racism. Or maybe I should try to get the RCMP to deport me as an American who has been here 6 months. They'd probably figure that is a fair deal, even though I'd have to fudge the time.

I really want to quickly get back to Deprograms and finding/making vids, but can't even get a library card in my own country. Ah, grousing life on the loving-full Teeming Dark Planet.

Anyone interested in a pool? How long before Cobb ends up in jail? Between 6 months and 3 years?


TorontoSHARP said...

I claim 2 years 4 days.

Anonymous said...

I give it 2 years before the RCMP goes and grab him for his thought crimes.

This guy is a total wack-job. I wonder which group of misfit Nationalists will try and claim him as their spoke-thing?

Hoosbeen Farteen said...

I think he needs a hospital bed more than a prison cell at this point. He's obviously ill.

Anonymous said...

He makes Noble look nearly sane.

Y_I_Otter said...

He's responsible for Podblanc's content and he wants to live here?!

That scratching sound you hear is a security certificate being drawn up.

He's here 18 months, tops (and that, only because the wheels of justice turn so slowly in Canada, what with generous appeals processes and all.

Anonymous said...

Picture it:

A Who's Who of Canadian Nazism:

Craig Cobb
Paul Fromm
Terry Tremaine
Brad Love

If this was a Rock Festival, it would have to be Woodstock!

SoupCan man said...

Him and noble would make a cute couple. Kind of like a mental muppet show.LOL

Anonymous said...

Depends how long Harper stays in office.

Anonymous said...

"Depends how long Harper stays in office."

The Conservatives (while in power) have been far better off to Canadians, than the Liberals have ever been.

Robert McBean. said...

Lke hell they have, that's an abuse of reality.

Anonymous said...

Soupman, you should pull that video before somebody gets sued. Really.

Nosferatu200 said...

Sadly, as much as we did laugh at the video in question, we agree with the individual who suggested that it might be considered to be libelous. Thus we've removed the link. Damn, it is funny though.

SoupCan Man said...

Maybe I will get sued by a birth certificate. Hey wait a tick..... Didnt he renounce his citizenship a while back? Or maybe he doesnt want his threatening (boxcutter billie bitch) messages going public. Either way he can kiss my ass