Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Intimidation: Paul Fromm Approved

We continue to follow Paulie's efforts to use the arrival of Tamil migrants as a means of sowing xenophobia in Canada. In reality, not many people are really paying that much attention to the Tamil refugees in spite of Paulie's best efforts, but that's neither here nor there right now.

As our dear readers know, Paulie is a shameless self-promoter. Be it in the mainstream media, or via sites such as Stormfront, Fromm has been telling everyone who will listen that he and the people he's associated with are merely looking to maintain Canadian sovereignty as the hordes of unwashed, brown-skinned barbarians are banging at the front gates.

Paulie is even claims concern for the Tamil community already in Canada:

Foreign ships engaged in human smuggling operations should not gain admittance to Canadian waters on principle: human smuggling is illegal. Other grounds include what is in the best interest of Canadians - what is in the best interest of human cargo destined to be utilized as sweated labour, or more chillingly, as operatives - and what is in the best interest of an ethnic community that has long endured Tiger fundraising shakedowns without recourse to Canada's legal remedies.”

It's difficult to read this without laughing. As our dear readers already know, Paulie doesn't give a damn about the Tamil community, nor any other ethnic community not originating in Europe, here in Canada. That fact was proven when he decided once again to march alongside the Aryan Guard in Calgary, a gang who have made a point of engaging in intimidation tactics since they were formed in late 2006.

Oh, but Paulie is an intellectual. He's the brains. The "genteel" face of the White Nationalist movement. Surely he wouldn't approve of acts of intimidation, right?

The above exchange is not related to the protests Paulie has been organizing against the Tamil migrants, but in response to the so-called "Ground Zero mosque" that has been proposed in New York City (the entire exchange can be found at the end of this post), but it is telling that Paulie believes that ethnic intimidation is a reasonable outcome.

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