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60 Days For Just a Racial Slur? The Outrage! We're Going to Call Our MP! What About Free Speech! This Is Tyranny! This Is... Oh, Wait... Never Mind

Tom Winnicki, despite his claims that he possesses a vastly superior intellect (he's certainly smarter than women, so he believes) really isn't all that bright. Case in point, his recent post on both Stormfront and VNN:

Yes, this poor woman is being sent up the river because she used a racial slur. So much for democracy and free speech! Right?

Or, perhaps she was sentenced for her part in a racially-based assault in which she and her boyfriend verbally attacked an African man and then blasted him with bear spray?

E-mail sorrow for racist taunt

Last Updated: September 4, 2010 6:55am

EDMONTON - An Edmonton woman who admitted in court to taunting an African immigrant with racial slurs at a 7-Eleven store and then blasting him with bear spray has spoken out. 

In an e-mail Friday to the Edmonton Sun, Lacey Dawn Snyder complained of the "embarrassing" coverage of her guilty plea and said it was like being repeatedly stabbed. 

"But who's to care about my feelings on the whole issue right? I'm just the big mean attacker who hates blacks!" wrote Snyder. "Well surprise, that's not me at all." 

The 22-year-old city woman told the Sun she is "completely ashamed" of the Sept. 27, 2009, incident and says she cannot even remember what happened that night. 

Snyder also says she has been taking counselling and going to rehabilitation for her addictions. She vowed that there will never be a repeat performance. 

"It will not happen because that is not what I want and not who I am. It is very unfortunate that drinking and drugs had ruled the night and brought something out in me that wasn't even who I am," she wrote 

"I have never been one to hate anyone of any race and I don't believe that anyone is better because of race," she said. "I am so ashamed of the situation and feel deeply for (Valentin) Masepode. I wish I could just take it back." 

Snyder pleaded guilty Thursday in provincial court to criminal harassment and assault with a weapon.
Crown prosecutor Tania Sarkar told court Snyder and Dylan Trommel, 23, confronted Masepode in the 4939 118 Ave. 7-Eleven, called him a n----r and then laughed. 

"The complainant was truly fearful for his life," said Sarkar, adding the pair tried to get him to come outside. 

A witness heard Snyder say "how much she hated n----rs" just before she went back in and deployed a large can of bear spray directly in Masepode's face. 

Snyder was also overheard to say "I have something for you n----r" just before the spray attack, which caused severe burning in Masepode's eyes and nasal passages. 

Defence lawyer Kent Teskey said Snyder was drunk at the time of the racist attack and had later confessed to police. 

A sentencing hearing is slated to be set on Sept. 16. 

Snyder is also facing impaired driving and drug charges. 

Trommel was sentenced to 60 days in jail on May 12 after pleading guilty to criminal harassment. The judge called his actions "evil" and "absolutely inexcusable." 

Court heard Masepode -- a student originally from the Congo -- was shopping at the 7-Eleven when he was confronted by Trommel and Snyder, who are both white. 

Sarkar told court Masepode, 32, was talking on his cellphone when Trommel said to Snyder: "Did you hear what the n----r is saying" and they both laughed. 

Trommel then said: "This is our country, n----r." 

After the bear spray attack, which was captured on videotape, the pair fled. They were identified through the surveillance tape and arrested three months later.

One would think that Winnicki would realize that people might actually read the article he provides the link for.
We were also going to write a little something about Winnicki's claim that Ms. Snyder is an anti-racist, but considering the source, we don't think it really is necessary.

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