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Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Decline of the Aryan Guard: Part 3

The previous article on the Aryan Guard focused on the infighting between members and those who have abandoned the racist gang. The final article of this three part series will feature the criminal behaviour of the Aryan Guard.

Jan Korinth
Thomas Trenerry
Dallas Price
Kyle McKee
As we have reported in the past on this blog, members of the Aryan Guard are no strangers to the criminal justice system. Thomas Trenerry has spent time in prison on criminal charges and had his sentenced increased as a result of a prison escape. Kyle McKee and Dallas Price have criminal convictions and were both implicated in an assault using weapons in 2006. Later that year, Robert Reitmeier was charged with attempted murder in the case of a beating which left a man in his 40s unconscious (we don’t know if the man survived the attack or if he remains in a coma, though charges against Reitmeier appear to have been stayed). R.N was convicted of various crimes early this past year and appears to either be on probation. One of the founders of the Aryan Guard, a person who’s name is Jan Korinth and who posts online as “boywhite” was arrested and placed in the Calgary Remand Centre not long after he moved from BC to Calgary. After some efforts to try and make bail for his release, the Aryan Guard has failed to mention Jan’s name since and his current fate and whereabouts is currently unknown.

Other members and associates of the Aryan Guard have also been convicted of a variety of crimes, including one youth who goes by the online handle “LOTS*O*MONEY” who served his sentence at home.

In response to these and many other cases, a member of the Aryan Guard created a blog to answer the charges leveled against them on this site. This is the best they could come up with:
No one special 200 also likes carrying on about AG members having criminal records. Considering how easy it is for the average citizen to accumulate a record simply from random minor offences, I think most community-minded folks would be a little more concerned with the ARA’s violent tendencies and murderous Communist ideologies.
We would ask our readers to judge this argument on its merits. Or lack thereof. Essentially they are saying that yes, there are many Aryan Guard members with criminal convictions, but since it’s easy for anyone to be convicted of a crime it’s really no big deal.

How many crimes, dear reader, have you been convicted of? We’re not talking traffic tickets for speeding or parking infractions. How many of you have been charged with assault, theft, escaping from prison, or attempted murder?

Some of the more recent cases are almost laughable. Bill Noble was convicted of violating Canadian hate crime laws and was sentenced to four months in jail with an injunction on his use of the Internet for a period of three years once released. Noble began violating the conditions of his release almost immediately after he left the prison walls he was behind, posting messages on Facebook, Stormfront, and Blood and Honour forums (before B&H retooled their forums after a security breach). Noble explains that he can violate these conditions because he was not the one convicted of the crime – Bill Noble wasn’t convicted of anything, but Bill NOBLE was – based on the “free man” ideology of the detaxers, a legal strategy that is about as useful as a bucket of warm spit. Another Aryan Guard associate, Tyler Sturrup, has been tossed into jail at least twice in the past 4 months, the most recent being in late August 2008, on charges of theft and breach of probation. The details of these alleged crimes cause even his friends and allies to refer to him as an idiot. And of course who can forget the recent episode on the Siksika First Nations Reservation that saw the arrest of four individual? The Aryan Guard claim they were defending a White youth and were subjected to police brutality. The police and the physical evidence state they were vandalizing buildings. Got to say, it’s not a hard choice as to whom to believe.

Some other recent incidents have taken a much more serious turn.

On August 7, 2008, an Asian-Canadian woman who had just left a bar and was walking down 8th Ave S.W. a little after midnight. Two males were in an alley perpendicular to the street. Not long after walking passed the alley, the woman was attacked by the two males. One of the males continued to kick the woman after she had fallen to the ground. The two then fled the scene.

Reports are that there has been an arrest. The following was sent to us by one source who is able to speak from a position of authority on the matter:
When I spoke to him, he just smiled when I asked if the person who had been arrested was a member of the AG. Later he let it slip verbally that the person arrested was indeed a Nazi [linked to the Aryan Guard]. Also I was told that, while the picture of the assailant was availble online, it did not show his whole body. More specifically, I was told that the accused was wearing combat boots with red laces. So I do not know his name, and the person I was talking to wouldn't tell me.
This incident, if indeed perpetrated by members of or associated with the Aryan Guard, is certainly not the first that we’ve heard of over the past several months. There have been numerous reports of ethnic intimidation and violence alleged to have been committed by members linked to the racist gang.

If you are reading this and are aware of a hate crime, please contact the police in your community and/or click on the following link to report a hate crime.

Report a Hate Crime at Stop Racism

Earlier this week, we received a tip from the same source that provided us information on the attack on the Asian-Canadian woman. On the surface, the information seemed so ludicrous that we first thought to dismiss it as fiction. The report was that a well-known member of the Aryan Guard was shot in the stomach in early September by an individual described as being a gun runner. Had it not been that the source for this information was consistently reliable, we would have ignored the tip, but we decided to dig a little deeper to find out if any part of the story was true.

We searched for anything that might confirm that there was a shooting during the early part of September. Sure enough, we discovered there indeed was a shooting that took place. Further investigation led us to a very brief story about the shooting found in the September 6, 2008 edition of the “Calgary Herald” newspaper:
Shooting victim waits hours for help 
Calgary Herald   Published: Saturday, September 06, 2008 
For reasons only he knows so far, a man waited as long as three hours before getting help after someone shot him in the abdomen early Friday. 
Police and paramedics went to the man's home in the 500 block of 10th Street N.E. around 10 a.m. and found him suffering from a gunshot wound to the stomach. 
Investigators said a relative of the man, who is in his early 20s, called police after seeing his condition. 
Police are looking for two suspects. 
One is a Caucasian or Middle Eastern man in his late 20s or early 30s, five foot 11, 155 pounds, with a thin beard and short dark hair. 
The second suspect is an aboriginal woman, in her late 20s or early 30s, five foot eight with a slight build and a prominent dragon tattoo on her shoulder.
So we learned that there was a shooting, but was the victim a member of the Aryan Guard? After further investigation we are able to confirm that it was in fact a prominent member of the Aryan Guard who was shot in the incident described in the Herald article. We were given additional information by someone who recently saw the individual whom we were told was the victim of the shooting:
At the Bridgeland/Memorial a man with a baldhead, sunglasses, army fatigue outfit and a cane got off. When I glanced outside he was standing in front of my window, smiling and waving with his glasses off. 
A friend who was with me says she noticed he was listening to our conversation the whole time and kept glancing over at us and that at one point she saw an SS tattoo. He got off and on the c-train slowing and deliberately, and supporting himself with his cane. 
Now seeing as he was on the c-train from 10th St. to Bridgeland and at no time tried to talk to me or attack me, plus the cane, leads me to believe that he was indeed shot, and is now out of the hospital recovering.
So, who is the Aryan Guard member in question?

Robert Reitmeier, one of the founders of the Aryan Guard.

That Reitmeier was the victim in this case of a violent attack is without question, but the circumstances surrounding the case are still a mystery. Why was Reitmeier shot? Was the perpetrator a gun runner as has been claimed by the original source for this story? Why did Reitmeier, if the “Calgary Herald” article is correct, wait as long as three hours before seeking medical assistance and reporting the shooting to the police? Did Reitmeier provide accurate information about his assailant(s)?

On September 16, 2008, Brazilian student Jose Ribamar Ribeiro Neto was shot as he and his girlfriend left a restaurant and were walking along Centre Street. Ribeiro, an innocent bystander, survived but has been permanently blinded in the attack. A suspect with a long record that includes weapons, drug, and attempted murder convictions, was arrested on September 19, 2008. Roland Ashley Warawa has also been charged in the shooting that took place in early September (an older picture of Warawa from 1997 can bee seen here).

The shooting of Robert Reitmeier.

Again, IF the “Calgary Herald” article is true, then could Reitmeier’s delay of up to three hours in seeking medical attention for his serious injuries and notifying the authorities about the attempt on his life might have made the difference between Warawa’s capture before the shooting of Ribeiro ever took place and Warawa’s escape to be able to commit future violent assaults? This is admittedly a speculative question on our part.

Warawa has been charged with, among other things, two counts of attempted murder. Ironically, and has been mentioned earlier in this article and elsewhere on this blog, Reitmeier himself was charged with attempted murder late in 2006.

In the three part series of articles, as well as throughout this blog, we have detailed the story of the Aryan Guard. We have shown that these are not harmless youths, but a gang of thugs who have committed criminal acts against Calgarians and have engaged in ethnic intimidation. We as citizens need to take a stand and tell the Aryan Guard in no uncertain terms that they are not welcome in the city of Calgary.

And we will do so through peaceful and legal, though forceful, means.

If you are aware of an criminal act committed by members of the racist gang, or any one linked to the gang, contact the Calgary City Police and file a report. When the Aryan Guard holds a rally, participate in a counter-protest and drown out their racial rhetoric (they have the right to voice their opinions, but so do you have the right to publically challenge those views). If you see members of the Aryan Guard in your community, let them know that they should leave.

If you are a member of the Aryan Guard, or associated with the Aryan Guard, and you want out, contact us and we’ll provide you with the resources to cut your ties with these thugs.

We will not allow the Aryan Guard to exist in the city with impunity.

Update: Looks like the mainstream press has caught up. Reitmeier has been named as the first of Warawa's victims, though his Reitmeier's Aryan Guard connection has not been discussed.

Shooting victim relieved by arrest
Victim's family rushes to bedside


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Anonymous said...

Apparently all good things come to an end. This is especially true if you define "good things" as violence, sex with minors, a serious lack of organizing ability and sheer *$#@ing stupidity.

I can hardly wait to see what comes next.

Implode, AG, implode!

Anonymous said...

I would like to know that if the AG act like there so tough how come they dont do anything when there alone but walk with there heads down and try there hardest to be invisible. I personally have a bone to pick with kyle mckee and dallas price(but who doesnt).
Karmas a bitch better watch your backs

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I punched that fat fucker John in the face yesterday a5 5pm on 9 ave and 5st. It felt great, him and his other minion just walked away.

Any day guys, i will fight any one of you any day.