Sunday, December 27, 2009

AWPW: Update

Certain claims are being made by the woman we stated was the "leader" of the Alberta White Pride Warriors:

This site no longer works. It was created by a 15 year old child who had internet access from my home. That access has been denied, and as such, this site is no longer operational
I would shut it right down, except I don't know how to do that. If anyone can tell me, please email me directly at **********
If you are visiting this site via a link found at, let me say that first off, I, Cherissa ***** am NOT a racist, I did NOT start a white pride group, and lastly, I am NOT, I repeat, NOT married to a sex offender. My husband is a good and decent man named Charles, NOT Charleton. I do not live in Brooks, Alberta and this whole thing is the fault of a teenager I allowed to use my computer.
The author of said blog should be ashamed of himself, as should some of the people who commented on his "story." Ever try verifying your information? Maybe contacting people directly? Or do you only specialize in Slander? At least a few of the people who follow that blog were smart enough to ask questions. Like why if I am so racist, my facebook friends list looks like the united nations? Or why I would rant about freedom of speech, when I am not American? We in Canada don't have that "right."

The last line is especially telling, as it is a complaint made commonly heard made by our opponents when we call them on their racism.

You know in the spirit of the season, we'll bite. We will assume for the sake of discussion that you are telling the truth Cherissa and that you have been made the victim of a terrible fraud. And we will archive the article dealing with the AWPW so that no one need see it.

But you see, we still have some concerns. Such as who the person is who has posted on Stormfront and who knows so much of your life. Or the membership you and your husband have on a number of racist Facebook groups (we didn't by the way, "hack" into your account). And who posted a picture of yourself and three of your children on Stormfront. And why the people tied to the Winnipeg White Pride Warriors are saying the person leading the AWPW is a woman named Cherissa. And, well, so many questions to answer.

In other words, we would like clarification. For example, the 15 year old you accuse of having access to your computer and thus created the website. Well, just how did that person have access to your computer? And perhaps you might consider dealing with the other concerns too?

We await your response.


AuntieFa said...

It has been my experience that ARC has their facts straight more than 9 times out of ten. Names dont just get picked out of a hat. What's 'er racist should have considered this beforehand, but forethought isnt a hallmark of white nationalism. I wish I could blame all my woes on a 15 year old kid.

Anonymous said...

"guilty of a terrible fraud"

Do you mean "victim of a terrible fraud"?

Kurt Phillips said...

Yep. Made the change.

Anonymous said...

i notice that cheri cutts is fb friends with rob "frustration"... maybe this mysterious 15 year old did that too.

Anonymous said...

leaving my foot prints..happy holidays...