Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December 2009 Bits and Bites

You know how Paulie says that he isn't a racist, but a proud, patriotic Canadian who wishes to honor the traditions of his forefathers? Well....

Good thing Paulie isn't a racist, eh?

On the Kyle McKee front, not sign of the pointy-headed little sewer rat yet, but he is still in contact with former Aryan Guard members though the "fan site" he created for himself on Facebook:

So who do we have here? The woman he knocked up when she was 16 (J.N.) and her sister S.N, a rat of another sort John Marleau and "Natalie Sonne" who is McKee's current paramour. You would think the police might be interested in speaking to these people who have had some level of communication with McKee since at least early December.

Actually, that reminds us of something. Not long after we reported on the bombing and the suspected involvement of McKee and a then 17 year old male, "Natalie Sonne" sent us a message to contact her. She had already shut down (or at least made private) her blog when we replied. We received this message from her:
I'm sure nothing I can say will prevent you from posting all sorts of information about me, but to be honest I'm done with all of this, and really just want to try and live a normal life now.
We challenged her to actually live up to that commitment. We said that she needed to spill to the police. If she made a clean break, we said we'd give her a clean slate. Very generous offer on our part, and to sweeten the deal, we even blocked her face on the picture with her and McKee. All she had to do is make a clean break. Only an idiot would reject such generosity.

"Natalie Sonne" is an idiot.

Given her actions during the last few weeks, it's clear that "Natalie Sonne" never had any intention of living a, "normal life." She just thinks she's been more quiet about what she's been doing.

So our very generous offer is now rescinded.


Meet Natalie S., who goes by "Natalie Sonne" on Facebook and other sites and "Hiraeth" on Stormfront and her own blog. Another pseudonym she has used is "deadbattalion." She's currently in her second year at the University of Calgary. Started in Business but switched to Computer Science, though she has taken a number of history classes; this semester Natalie took a course on Early Medieval history. Little Natalie's parents are paying for her education and evidently are not pleased about their little girl's involvement in far right politics.

She began dating McKee in January, we presume after his fling with another 16 year old had ended. As Natalie was at least 18 when she began dating, we assumed that she'd be a little long in the tooth for McKee's tastes in wome... children. But hey, we were proven wrong.

Have a good break from University Natalie.


Anonymous said...


MmSprinkles said...

Shit. Natalie, you have my sympathies, and respect...

Natalie, your man has no honor for his fellows. Evidently, neither do you. He's a crooked jerk, likely sucking back several brews while letting a teenager fester in a jail cell, alone in your boy's place.
You're not so much better than he is for letting it happen. Everybody wants a normal life. Isn't that what we're all fighting for?
People must be honorable and just, before life itself will allow anyone to live well and, "Normal."

So much for Blood and Honor.

I wish you luck.

Anonymous said...

Though I'm still working on papers, I can't wait to go back to class!

SoupCan Man said...

all fun and games until he gets to jail. Maybe "bubba" will teach him some new tricks.LMAO . I bet he will be in protective custody within a day of being caught. At least he can hang around other pedophiles.

communist said...

Kyle Mckee was arrested in Winnipeg today. Did you guys get the scoop?

Anonymous said...




A 2-hour standoff in Winnipeg. Would love to see how his buddies react to this.

Anonymous said...

you know, we were looking for a january project...

Beefaroni said...

LOL @ Tadaaaaaa

Anonymous said...

As a former computer science student & IT professional, I hope she enjoys the multicultural atmosphere of working in IT. She won't get far with her racist attitudes in this field!

Anonymous said...

as far as i know, dr. leslie morden is a mru prof, not a u of c prof. the u of c history department doesnt list her, but if you google, mru does.

are you sure she goes to u of c and not mru?

not that i think its fair of you to post her info really.

Anonymous said...

Natalie's a bigot in public, so I see nothing wrong with posting her information publicly. In fact, I want to know more about her and I'm sure her classmates (especially the non-white and Jewish ones) do too.

Anonymous said...

Even if she's am MRU prof, she could be an adjunct professor at U of C. Anyway - you don't think it's fair to post Natalie's info but then you want to publicly clarify where she goes to school?

Those who promote race hate SHOULD be outed. Natalie admits on Stormfront that she leaves racist flyers around campus. I would want to know if someone at my University was trying to incite hatred against minorities.

Kurt Phillips said...

We agree, and we hope to have something in the works for the new year.

BK. said...

Here is a list of history courses offered at the University of Calgary for the Fall 2009 semester:

Scroll to "HTST 319: Early Medieval Europe" and you'll find the professor detailed as Lesley Anne Morden. Assuming this information is correct (which I am willing to do as I verified this information through the University Student Centre online, and it is rarely incorrect regarding professors) then the posted information must also be correct regarding Natalie.

Regardless of this all, I know for a fact that Natalie is at least taking a few classes at U of C. My friends and I have been in a couple of her classes and have seen her around MacEwan Student Centre over the past two years.

And, in my opinion, since everybody else seems to be posting theirs, I believe that there is nothing wrong with posting her information online.