Monday, March 24, 2014

White Man's March and Canadian Factionalism

You know, we have to admit to having a bit of a soft spot for Sebastian Ronin of the grandiose sounding Renaissance Party of North America. Sure, he's an unjustifiably arrogant bigot with delusions of grandeur, but when he is able to provoke reactions from boneheads such as this particular Rhodes Scholar, one can't help but be just a little appreciative of the work he is doing:

Later, the masked narrator in the above video did a public reading of James Thurber's "The Night the Bed Fell" at the New York Public Library.

Ronin is a bit of a shit disturber. And he's really proud of that notoriety. When the White Man March inevitably failed and the few participant were mocked by.... well.... almost everyone who was even aware of the effort in the first place, Ronin couldn't help saying, "told you so" in as wonderfully dickish a way possible:

Ah, the New Orleans Protocol. We'll get to that again soon enough.

There's a lot more to the exchange, but we think this provides the gist of it.

Still, there was at least one Canadian who believes that the event was an unbridled success:

BTW, thanks for allowing the public to view your profile John.
John Beattie, former leader of the Canadian Nazi Party, current spokesperson for the British People's League (which exists solely as a website and YouTube channel), and fading, doddering, relic of a bygone era desperately trying to claim relevancy in a movement that has LONG passed him by, was overjoyed by the "massive" success of the march. Still, one has to keep in mind that he also has spoken of the avalanche of interest in his efforts as evidenced by the fact that his, "youtubes" have been watched by dozens of people. Still, Beattie was disappointed that there was no march held in Canada, though he didn't know at the time that there were in fact two marches.

The first was mentioned in the previous blog entry dated March 20. On that day, members of the Southern Ontario Skinheads were able to maintain sobriety long enough to walk around Kingston, Ontario flyering and generally being a nuisance:

A second march took place in British Columbia on the same day. Well, the word "march" might be a bit of a stretch. Suffice it to say that Paulie waddled over to a cenotaph in Penticton, took a selfie, and claimed once again to have been a leader of men:


So, you might think that John Beattie might be pleased that there was not one but two poorly attended marches in Canada. But, here's the thing. Beattie has been on a bit of an anti-Nazi symbolism crusade for a while now. Oh, he still likes the boneheads and believes they will serve a purpose (i.e. protect him and the other grayhairs), but the optics of people seig heiling is, well, not very helpful.

As for Paulie, Beattie has had a hate on for Fromm for years.

Actually, we are mildly impressed that Beattie actually was sharp enough to pick up on the fact that Fromm was alone (can't even bring himself to utter Paulie's name), though Beattie can't help otherwise rambling nearly incoherently.

Eventually the SOS and their supporters caught wind of this video. Now, they could have to take two different approaches. They could ignore the lonely old codger, or they could angrily respond.

Guess what they decided?


You know Paulie, we're not sure that anyone is following the New Orleans Protocol anymore if they ever had in the first place, which leads to John Beattie's second surprisingly insightful response when apparently challenged by Wes Smith:

"Can't say I Know [sic] much about the NOP protocol [sic]...."

You don't say, Dan?

Sorry, but we're going to take any excuse we can to play a little Sam Cooke.

In the meantime, Beattie's latest video is a more detailed response to the SOS and Paulie:

Sometimes it's just fun to sit down and watch the show.


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