Saturday, April 05, 2014

April 2014 Bites and Bites

You know, Paulie really isn't trying anymore. Point of fact is he hasn't been trying for a few years. There was a time when he tried at least to maintain a semblance of mainstream respectability, but it looks like those times have long past.

This weekend, Paulie is speaking at a Tom Robb's Klan gathering in Arkansas. Though this in and of itself isn't exactly anything new, the subject matter of his speech has certainly become much more overt:

Diane King, eh? Uhm, wasn't Paulie married to Diane at one time? We wonder what happened (hint, we don't actually wonder what happened).

But you know, maybe we're overselling this a bit?

Or maybe not?

Closer to home, the Goudreau finally decided to respond to Luke Northmore's accusations from a few months back:

We're sure that Luke responded with the measured restraint we've come to expect from him:


Speaking of the Southern Ontario Skinheads and Mr. Northmore, it seems that they don't think much of the Collective's intellect. A rather obvious troll managed to trip the SOS's collective spider senses when he decided to use Max Hynes' photograph as his profile photo:


But here's the most disappointing part:

Come on Luke. Give us a little more credit than that. We would never pick out a name like that and we certainly wouldn't use Max's or any of your photos as our own. Still, if we aren't that smart, why have you requested us as a friend not once but twice? Seems that we might be a little better at being discrete than you believe us to be.

That, and the members of the SOS best not throw stones in glass houses. Let's see if our readers can spot the irony here:


Finally, we received a message from our friend "Odin TheCelt" (aka "David Lawson", "Yordi JewKiller", etc). We've learned that is real name is actually Daniel Hall and if there's one thing we can say about the boy is he ain't that bright:

gay you got any money I am going to get together the owner of all these pictures and put together a copyright say good bye to your lifes work lol , Odin TheCelt.

We wondered what Hall was going on about, however that soon became apparent when we checked out his Facebook profile:

Oh Daniel.

First, if you really think this blog constitutes our life's work, you really don't know us well at all.

Second, you really might want to look into a little concept known as fair use.

But hey, roll the dice and take your chances. Really though, if you want us to stop paying attention to you, you might want to consider not posting gems like this:

We'll have more on the SOS in a day or two. Spoiler alert? They aren't likely to last more than a couple of years.

UPDATE: This writer's spelling often sucks. Thanks for catching the error.


Anonymous said...

Roll the dice, not role the dice. Take care

Anonymous said...

Someone took offence to "David Lawson's" suicide post.

Anonymous said...

Way to go SPELLCHECK. You found one.