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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Frazier Glenn Miller, Supporter of Craig Cobb, Suspect in Kansas City Murders

Like a lot of people who learned about the three murders that took place in Kansas City today, we assumed that hate was a motive especially when reports that the shooter had been shouting antisemitic epithets during the shootings. The first image of the suspect wasn't very clear, however a second one we found online caused us to wonder if he was someone who we might actually know of:

And he was:

Frazier Glenn Miller has been mentioned on this blog on a number of occasions, mostly as a result of his relationship with Craig Cobb who is currently still in jail due to his activities in Leith, North Dakota. In fact Miller's last post on VNN where he is a long time member and a frequent poster (using the name, "Rounder") was concerning Cobb:

Miller was also the first whom we know of who announced that Cobb had fled Canada after the latter was arrested and charged under Sec. 319 of the country's hate crime laws.

In addition to his promotion of Cobb and his failed efforts to turn Leith into an all "White" enclave, Miller was a very vocal supporter of racist serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin who was executed earlier this year:


Oh, you are going to hear a lot about this one! This isn't some guy who was hiding in the shadows. This was a clown that had served notice on society publicly and loudly for over 30 years.

One People's Project

OVERLAND PARK, KS – The shooter that shot and killed three persons at a Jewish community center and a retirement home a mile away has been identified as veteran white supremacist Frazier Glenn Miller, who once ran a white supremacist paramilitary operation before he turned FBI informant and in recent years had been seen posting regularly on a white supremacist website forum, where his last post was to note that he had spoken yesterday to Craig Cobb the white supremacist who attempted to take over a small town in North Dakota last year.

While police have not publicly named the suspect in the shootings, his picture was shot as he was taken into custody and was spread throughout several media outlets. Several postings on the Vanguard News Network VNN) forum confirmed it was indeed Miller, who also is known as Fraiser Glenn Cross Jr.

Miller was a major player in the 1980s white supremacist scene, organizing a parimilitary Klan outfit based in North Carolina called the White Patriot Party (WPP) using $200,000 stolen from armored trucks by the neo-Nazi terrorist group the Order, according to Miller himself during his testimony during a 1988 sedition trial in Arkansas. The WPP collapsed after he violated an injunction against paramilitary activity and was convicted of threatening Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center. He was imprisoned for three years before being released in 1990. He was branded as a traitor for turning informant and went underground, but in recent years Miller was more of an internet presence posting as “Rounder” on the VNN forum. He also maintained a website which has videos and writings he authored. He also attempted to run for congress with the support of VNN. Another longtime white supremacist, Ron Doggett, who was a Unit leader in the WPP, supported his 2010 run.

His last VNN posting about Craig Cobb was one of several in recent weeks where he indicated he was in close contact with the white supremacist who attempted to create a white's only enclave in Leith, ND before his arrest on terroristic threats. “Sounded confident and healthy. His PSI is completed, in the hands of his attorney, and next hearing (release hearing presumeably) is 29 April,” Miller said of Cobb, who is awaiting sentencing after agreeing to plead guilty to five misdemeanors and one felony.

It has also been learned that two of the persons that Miller is alleged to have killed were Methodists.

Initially there was a lot of support for Miller's actions when the usual suspects on Stormfront and VNN learned about the attack. That was until they further learned that two of the victims were not, in fact, Jewish and that the killer was one of their own. Stormfront's Don Black posted the following:

Of course, he posted the above BEFORE he knew it was Glenn Miller who was the suspect. Here's his first post on the subject:

A lot of the posts on VNN and Stormfront after it was announce that Miller was arrested were very critical of Miller, though not all for the reasons one might think:


But really, one gets a much better understanding of these cretins when they didn't think that the murders would turn out to bite them in the ass:


Sometimes, we just don't have the words.....


Anonymous said...

It would seem Glen Miller was attempting to salute Joseph P. Franklin (Born April 13th, 1950), but in a drunken notion of logic, he managed to screw everything up. Killing 2 Methodists and a Catholic, thinking that a synagogue would be busy on a Sunday and getting caught right away isn't what JPF would have had in mind.

Let us see if he appeals the court order to make him ride the needle, or will he take it like a man and face death. Alex "Lindy" Linder is running around VNNF deleting everything.

Who cares though cause we're running on Millertime now. heh.

Y_I_Otter said...

I'm stymied by all the quibbling going on about whether the people on one message board or another openly advocate violence in their posts. The other things they endorse are equally worthy of contempt. A group of people who openly advocate moves like legislated exclusion, disenfranchisement, involuntary deportation, and other violations of civic rights, applied only to one segment of our societies, deserve the same measure of disdain as any RAHOWA loonie or drunk with a shotgun and bugger-all to lose.

Racists and anti-Semites are quite aware of the utter impracticality of what they propose and they know full-well that none of those measures will ever see fruition in a democracy. The propagandists for these measures and their online minions are equally aware that a physical confrontation with the power structure would be required-- a civil war or a 'people's uprising' is often identified as the solution to their perceived problems. Among those will be a number of unhinged individuals who aren't unwilling to wait for Victory Day and it's only a matter of time before one of them locks and loads and does a Glenn Miller.

When that happens, as we've been seeing in the past few days, the purveyors of the racist rubbish that set the loonie off in the first place will do the requisite amount of public tut-tutting, wringing their hands at 'the unfortunate actions of our disturbed comrade' and go right back to grinding out the same incendiary rhetoric, secure in the knowledge that the next murderous True Believer is right around the corner.