Saturday, April 19, 2014

Frazier Glenn Miller: Two Coinicidences

Well, one coincidence and one, perhaps, not so coincidence.

Boneheads are big on numerical symbolism and dates. The number "88" stands for "Heil Hitler." If you see a bonehead post the number, "14" he is likely referring to the "14 Words" coined by David Lane, a member of the terrorist group The Order. Tomorrow some boneheads will be celebrating 4/20 in a very different way than other people will be celebrating the day as Western rite Christians will be celebrating Easter.... oh, and of course marijuana aficionados have been been commemorating the day since 1971.

As a result we also pay attention to numbers and dates as they relate to boneheads. In most cases they mean nothing, but there are a few times where our interest is piqued. Here are two cases in point.

We already mentioned The Order above, and some of our readers will know that Frazier Glenn Miller (or Cross apparently) was associated with the terrorist group. In fact, Miller agreed to testify against members of The Order as well as other White Supremacists in a 1987 sedition trial as part of a plea agreement; he was facing 15 years for weapons violations as well as ordering a hit on some prominent civil rights activists but as a result of his plea he served only 3 years in a federal prison.

What some of our readers might not know is that Heritage Front founder Wolfgang Droege was also associated with The Order:

So what?

Well, we just thought it was interesting that Miller went on his rampage on the same day that Droege himself was murdered 9 years before:

Yes, yes, we know there is no connection. We aren't even sure if Miller would have known Droege, though it seems possible their paths may have crossed. We do think that this is simply a coincidence.

But the date April 13 might hold another more significant meeting for Frazier.

Prior to his execution. Miller had been praising the crimes of racist serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin. On the day Franklin was executed, Miller posted this on VNN:

Franklin's birthday was April 13.

Is there something to this? Maybe. Maybe not.

Still something to consider.

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