Thursday, April 24, 2014

Jon Latvis: "I Saved Your Life Man!"

It seems like only yesterday that former Rahowa lead guitar and songwriter Jon Latvis gave mayor Ford a bit of indigestion:

When this picture was made public, Latvis tried to disavow his Nazi past and even threatened to sue Warren Kinsella which would have been awesome!

Because, you know, we would have been able to share with Mr. Kinsella, in addition to ALL of the other evidence out there, this post Latvis made a few months later:

And we would have been able to share these screen shots as well:

Nice swastika badges boys

But really, we all know that the threat to sue Mr. Kinsella was an empty one, but if he wanted to dissuade people from the belief that he is a supporter of the National Socialist ideology, well... these pictures aren't helping either:

Yeah. Got to tell you Jon. You really aren't all that much older than the lead writer of this blog but man! You have not aged well!

It also doesn't help when your friends wax nostalgic about the good old days while you whine about being uninvited to a wedding:

Yeah. Not helping one bit.


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